Jia Jiang is an Entrepreneur a key note speaker, an author of the book Rejection Proof, a blogger of the page http://fearbuster.com/ and a youtuber (here is the list of his rejections for your view pleasure) that has inspired many people to withstand the fear of rejection and instead embrace it with open arms. Today I decided to check out his podcast interview on the Unmistakable Creative with Srinivas Rao which I have visited many a time to see who he’s interview. One of which was one with Jadah of simple green smoothies. Rejection is a problem alot of us are faced with on a daily basis, for me its very hard to overcome and sometimes it builds fear so i miss out on opportunities because im not willing to venture forth on taking a chance. Jia has used this rejection to create a whole new life for him so much so that he is featured all over the web even here. That video made me want to check out his stuff even more and what better place than through an podcast interview.

Here is the link to the podcast

  • Jia Jiang’s backstory – 0:00
  • Overcoming the fear of uncertainty – 2:47
  • Make yourself an example not an Excuse – 4:39 
  • Abandoning Excuses and taking action – 5:03 
  • How to turn events that seem really bad into something worth going through – 6:07 
  • Turning failure into opportunity vs the one who doesn’t – 8:06 
  • How to discover the bigger meaning or purpose in your life – 9:40 
  • How the 100 days of rejection project began – 12:04 
  • Learning from rejection – 17:35 
  • The misconceptions about rejection when we are adults – 19:23 
  • Taking Rejection personally – 20:55 
  • Can we overcome our own biology – 24:26 
  • An example of what Jia asked for – 24:50 
  • How can we become rejection proof – 27:02 
  • Some of the people he has inspired – 28:50 
  • Doing this process can free you from expecting results – 30:46 
  • Example Writing a book without the limit of expecting results – 31:47
  • What makes something or someone unmistakable – 33:02 


Key points taken

Jia Jiang back story.


Overcoming the fear of uncertainty.

There is no right time to do something, you have to act on things and see where it goes from there. Sometimes it takes life changing moments to either ignite the action you have been holding back on or extinguish them. For Jia it was the birth of his son which became the cross-road event in his life where he had the choice of quitting his dream or continue pursuing them. He didn’t want his son to be his excuse but more a catalyst so that he could be an example for him to chase after his. Look at adversity as stepping-stones towards achieving greatness, the challenge is usually rewarding once you have the tenacity to overcome them.


Make yourself an example not an Excuse.


Abandoning Excuses and taking action.

A sense of urgency helps with making you want to take action, also setting deadlines which weigh a heavy price for not taking action.


How to turn events that seem really bad into something worth going through.

Turn bad situations into good ones by taking action, with Jia when he felt rejection he had a few options he could either sulk and quit or try to move onto the next thing as quickly as possible. For him it became a trans-formative moment because he analysed the problem and changed it into a form of self-help for his rejection. Failures are always good checkpoints where you can reevaluate your current status and make adjustments. Also if you can understand and learn from your failure, you can help people avoid going down that same path by teaching them from your experience.


Turning failure into opportunity vs the one who doesn’t.

Having that awareness to see the purpose of the failure towards the bigger picture, creating opportunities where it seems like there are none. Thinking of it as a story towards your life mission, being an author along the way using these stepping-stones to bring meaning to your life.
A great example of this is Steve Jobs’ speech to the graduates of Standford university, where he described the different obstacles he overcame which made him the man he is such as being adopted, dropping out of college, being fired from the company he created.


How to discover the bigger meaning or purpose in your life.

Jia refers to the book Mindset which explains how elastic our Mind or ability or talent could be, so if we have a growth mindset we can then have a thought process that failure is a means to an end and not a finality.
“It’s not the failure that defines us, its our reaction to the failure the defines us.” With the right mindset you can turn anything into a positive.
Everyone has dreams when they were growing up no matter how far fetched they are, some people when they are adults forget their childhood dreams or are compelled somewhere else because of circumstances. But if there is still this urge or feeling still in the back of your mind or in your gut to pursue it still despite all the failures you have faced, don’t you think there is a reason?


How the 100 days of rejection project began.

Based on his first attempt at getting rejection he did what he always did ran away, but after some grit and self talk he held his ground and the pain became less and less to bear. One of his examples where he ran was asking a security guard to borrow 100 dollars, the guy said no, then why? Jia ran immediately but the thing about that situation is although the man said no he ask why, if Jia stayed he would never know what direction could have gone. So at times we look at rejection in the wrong light and instead we should pull out the positives, even when the response is a straight up “No”, in reevaluation you can think maybe my approach was wrong and how can I switch it up to get a more favorable result.
The third day he rose again – Krispy Kreme rejection. This is what changed it for him, instead of worrying about getting a yes or a no, he decided to just worry about having the bravery to ask and see what happens.


Learning from rejection.

Planting a flower in someone’s yard. When faced with a no ask WHY? With the incident of planting the flower he was rejected, but when he asked why the owner of the yard explained he had a dog that would dig it up and also suggested to Jia that the neighbor would appreciate it more. Rejection not only plays a role in figuring out a new solution for the problem but also opens up your options for new opportunities you may not have even thought of. Another thing is the want to have everyone agree with your idea or suggestions, you can’t get that from everyone so at times you just have to accept that not everyone will be on your wavelength and that is fine. The final thing I gathered is that recording rejection in some form (written, video, audio) can bring forth fruitful rewards since you can analyse where things went wrong and adapt.


The misconceptions about rejection when we are adults.

Rejection is not necessarily a bad thing, we can change rejection into something good. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and rejection if we let it can make us stronger. Expand your comfort zone by putting yourself out side of it to be rejected and this will gradually put you in positions to ask and do things that you would have never had done before. Use rejection to build your mental muscle.


Taking Rejection personally.

It’s biologically rooted in us. Use muscle memory to remember small rejections to build up the confidence to overcome big rejections. Embrace rejection, for example Jia before starting new projects preps himself to see how many no’s he can take before giving up and because he is mentally prepared he accomplishes his goals long ahead of his breaking point.


Can we overcome our own biology.


An example of what Jia asked for.

One thing he asked for was to Teach a lecture to a class.


How can we become rejection proof.

Start something small when attempting to build rejection muscle, for example when going to a store try to negotiate a discount for an item. Have fun stay engaged despite the rejection, move on to the next opportunity like buying something other than the product they sell that’s too simple for them to say no (spoons, pens, paper). Over time you would be amazed how some of these interactions can turn out and one key thing to always remember is that your life will not change drastically before or after the rejection.


Some of the people he has inspired.


Doing this process can free you from expecting results.

Looking for results limits your actions and creativity and makes you fearful. Focus on actions, just ask and try new things, this usually leads to better results.


Example Writing a book without the limit of expecting results.

“Strategy is based on people and results are based on God.” – Chinese proverb


What makes something or someone unmistakable.

Own your story and live it to the fullest.