New segment I wanna test out, this morning I was doing my daily reading and came across a topic in chapter 8 (Find Your Voice) of Todd Henry’s Die Empty, named Do the Obvious. In it he talks about Derek Sivers and him doing something that is obvious (his blog post here) to him but amazing to others. For me im on the other end of the spectrum where I see people doing amazing things and they seem to think its nothing. I see so much wastage of talents that could be put to monetary gain or be exposed on such a higher level, yet they only seem to share it in circles where a person will give it a “like” or maybe a “that’s so awesome comment.” which makes the creative feel nice for a period, then what? What I mean here is there is no motivational action on their part to go beyond, that hobby in this day and age can reach soo much further than long ago.

Well back to the topic, I decided to just search his name like I do with any other interesting people I read or hear about and came across three short Ted talks. So as I do with most of my posts lets analyze all three.


Weird, of Just Different?

Key points taken

:13 Location, location, location in Japan – Interesting the difference between Japanese and American cultures when it comes to streets, in America and maybe most countries there are streets with names and not blocks. In Japan there are no streets with names but blocks with names. To further elaborate if you want to know where you live in japan, you first go by district (district 8) then block (block 16) and finally house number (house number 32). What makes this even more awesome is that house numbering goes based on which house was built first in that block, so your house could be number 5 and your neighbor can be house number 125 which means your house is way older than your neighbors based on how often buildings are built on your block.

1:42 Chinese Doctor’s Oath – There are doctors in china who believe it is their job to keep you healthy, so any month you are healthy you pay them and any month you are sick you don’t have to pay them because they failed at their job. They get rich when you’re healthy not sick.
1:56 West African Music – In music you typically think of 1 as the downbeat or the beginning of song but in west African music, the 1 is often thought as the end of a phrase like the period at the end of a sentence.

Something about India – 2:18
“What ever true thing you can say about India the opposite is also true.” So what ever brilliant ideas you have or hear that the opposite may also be true.

You need to take everyone’s perspective into consideration when dealing with situations, your way can and most likely will totally different to the way someone may take action. People are different and not because they are doesn’t mean they are wrong, you never know their way might help you learn how to make your way much more unique or effective. This is also a talk about thinking differently, you can approach a problem from many different sides but to more effectively do that you can have someone put in their two cents so you can try attacking it from that angle.

How to start a movement

Key points taken

Watch movement through leadership happen right before your eyes – :13

  • First a leader needs to have the guts to stand out and be ridiculed.
  • Getting people to follow is tough unless what you are doing is easy to learn and adapt to. The first follower’s role is crucial as it shows everyone else who is hesitant to jump in how easy it is to follow.
  • The leader has to embrace him though as an equal, so that potential followers can see he or she will not be ridiculed if they want in. Then it is not about the leader anymore its about them.
  • For the first follower he becomes sort of leader as well because it takes guts to follow. The first follower is the person who transforms a lone nut into a leader.
  • When a third joins, it’s not 1 or 2 nuts but 3 nuts and 3 is a crowd and a crowd is news, so a movement must go public.
  • Its important not to only show the leader but the followers because you find that new followers emulate the followers not the leader anymore.
  • As word gets out you get more and more people till there is a tipping point and then you got a movement.
  • When more people join in its less risky.

Recap – 1:55
If you a are the type like the shirtless dancer, remember to nurture your first few followers as equals so it’s clearly about the movement not you.

The real lesson – 2:12
Being a leader is over glorified, yes the leader may get all the credit but you should be brave enough to follow and show others how to follow. Be more of a first follower than a leader it shows people on both sides of the void that you are willing to believe in the leader’s cause and offering the ones who afraid that its worth the risk of joining the movement.

Keep your goals to yourself

Key points taken

Telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen – :13
Anytime you have a goal there are steps that need to be done so you can achieve it, but when you tell someone your goal you have tricked your mind into thinking it has been accomplished. The happy feeling you get when you tell someone about a goal you are excited about accomplishing also makes your brain think this good feeling is one of success. Now that the satisfaction is up and gone you are less likely to go on to completing the goal. But this goes against the usually convention where you should tell people your goals so they can hold you accountable for them.

Here is some psychological proof – 1:27
Kurt lewin called this substitution

Wera Mahler said When its acknowledge by others it felt real in the mind.

Peter Gollwitzer did a book and some tests in 2009 – 1:47
163 people were told to write down their personal goals and half would say out their goal and the other half would keep it to themselves. They were then given 45 minutes to do tasks that would in someway help them on their way towards accomplishing their goals. Those who kept their mouths shut worked the entire 45 minutes and thought they still had a long way to go to accomplish their goals whereas the people who talked about their goals stopped during the 45 minutes and said they were much closer to achieving their goals.

What you can do – 2:26
1)Resist the temptation to announce the goal.
2)Delay the gratification the social acknowledgement brings.
3)State it in a way that gives you no satisfaction for example I need to run a marathon and I need to train 5 times a week and tell a friend to kick my ass if I slack off.

Well those are the three ted talks from Derek hope the short but sweet presentations were worth the time watching. Thanks for taking the time to read as well.