Good Day all, Thursday has come around once again and I am in a good mood today so lets see how much of this positive impact I could put into this creative work of art. Speaking about impact I am doing a podcast analysis on a woman named jadah sellner (pronounced Jah-dah) who is the owner of Simple Green Smoothies a website that promotes drinking smoothies made of greens, fruits and vegetables. Combination of these ingredients provide you with energy and also a healthier lifestyle as its been proven that blending is a much better way of getting the ingredients from the fruits and vegetables we eat. So with this initiative they have brought to the table of drinking one green smoothie a day, it has begun a movement for vegetarians all over the world. The interview comes from the unmistakable creative group  with host Srini Rao, they aim uncover the story and turning points that have made people unmistakable. The talk focuses on Jadah’s story and how she found impact that feeds her soul.

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  • A bit of background on Jadah – 1:07
  • Going even further back – 4:00
  • How do you cultivate an ability to keep starting from scratch – 7:16
  • Igniting the Fighter within us – 11:47
  • How do you maintain that balance of success – 15:42
  • I want pajama friends – 19:34
  • Finding impact that feeds your soul – 23:18
    (25:32) Evolving with the people you serve
  • Things you have done with kids how has that shaped your life going forward – 26:50
  • Creating inviting communities – 32:44
  • Navigating a period of turmoil with hope – 35:07
  • Simple Green Smoothie movement – 40:41
  • Getting started with Simple Green Smoothies – 45:40
  • Testimonials and Friday love notes – 49:19
    (50:01) One special mention is Joanne
  • What is it that makes someone or something unmistakable – 52:08

A video about Simple green smoothies

Key points taken

A bit of background on Jadah – 1:07
Co-founder of simple green smoothies which was launched November of 2012 and have created a movement of over 1million people over two years say yes to their health by changing over to drinking a green smoothie once a day. She is a multi-passionate person who is insanely curious and has dug her hands into a lot of different projects, one of these was a creative plan learning center for children in kauai Hawaii that she and husband ran together. It became over burdensome and not sustainable due many factors and they had to move back to California to live with her in-laws. She being the persistent type she took imperfect action and encountered every life lesson on purpose and used her insane curiosity to experiment with ideas to serve others. That curiosity turned into a blog named family sponge which turned into simple green smoothies and she recently created her personal site that helps world changers dream big and find their tribe.

Going even further back – 4:00
She is beautifully blended, her father is black and Cherokee and her mom is Chinese and white. They moved around a lot because her parents were entrepreneurs at heart always seeking the next big thing, which made her accustomed to starting from scratch. She is a fighter the reason she says this is because her dad was physically abusive to her mother and sister but when he came around her she was the only one standing up to him. These incidents made her a very protective individual later on in life, always wanting to stand up for her “people”, which is ironic because being multiracial she never thought she fit in with any group of people. Wishing at times she was black enough so she could have super curly hair or being white enough so that she could fit in when she was in predominantly white school.

How do you cultivate an ability to keep starting from scratch – 7:16
It’s a resilience thing, since she has been doing it all her life she has created a tough skin to prepare to do it again and again. For us common folk her advice is to embrace the fear starting a new because its gonna be there no matter what. One thing you have to realize is that there is no need to do any drastic thing when you are planning to start from scratch, to overcome the fear of the entire event take small steps if you can. Having this mentality of fleeing is her crutch, its ingrained in her that she must run when things get tough. She had that experience when she was trying to build her online business and it was not working out for her so she was thinking to move to a third world country in hopes of having the business thrive while having a lower cost of living. They moved but it was to an area where they agreed to stay for at least a year without fleeing and that’s when her online business started blowing up.

Igniting the Fighter within us – 11:47
Be committed to pushing boundaries for yourself, being able to be open to opportunities and possibilities and it gets harder the more success you gain. Not doing this will in Jadah’s case will prevent her from serving more people and making that impact that feeds her soul. Her energy comes that uncertainty place of building something new whereas being comfortable with a sustainable lifestyle just doesn’t feel fun. To stay accountable she constantly surround herself with people who get what she’s up to, this way the world can see her strengths and ensure she that she does her best work.

“If you are going to push hedges in your life, you are going to keep inviting a better set of challenges into it.” – Matt Gordon

How do you maintain that balance of success – 15:42
She created a vision board and everything she wanted 2 years ago she has acquired, she also has created a mantra of saying “I deserve this”. Being a big dreamer she is always thinking of receiving more, don’t get her wrong though she is very thankful of everything has in her life. This combination of growing into her uncomfortable place along with gratitude she has for everything she has. Having people around you who support your vision and being able to be a leader and still ask for help is a very important aspect of staying humble while gaining great success.

I want pajama friends – 19:34
While searching for people where she fits in is difficult as she said before cause some drain her energy, some ignite her but she wants pajama friends, these are people who make her comfortable in her own skin. In terms of business she wants people she can take on vacation with, one of the criteria they have when hiring is going for a weekend in a house somewhere. If the conversations they have doesn’t have any kind of flow then they may not be the right fit. Someone who she can just call up at anytime to go for a relaxing time and it always feels like she’s home. This sounds cool but it’s not really easy because there’s a lot that could make you connected or disconnected with a person. As with most things like business, art and creativity you get a vibe when you find that right person it just flows effortlessly with them.

Finding impact that feeds your soul – 23:18
She recommends serving people who you are passionate about serving, creating a product, a service or an offering that transforms someones life that you really care about. With her business the reason they are able to make the impact that they make is because they are so in love with their community and their main focus are moms. So to reiterate the point server people who light you up and also surround yourself with people who gives you a higher vibration of joy and happiness.
(25:32) Evolving with the people you serve – What you create for the people you serve can evolve into new products or services, since they are growing with your business and can bring new options to helping them. As you learn and earn new things you can keep teaching and inviting them back into your space while selling them new things.

Things you have done with kids how has that shaped your life going forward – 26:50
She is still serving the same person that she used to serve in kauai which were moms. She created a moms group at the time of the economy crash name ohana mommas, which was just a meet up group so that she could find new friends on the island. What she noticed from the meetups is that on rainy days their kids didn’t have any place to play, since Hawaii is a very out doorsy place to live. So she wanted to create a space for the kids, she googled how to do a business plan fixed a legit one up and got her mom and step dad to lend them some start-up capital to rent a building. With that began little sprouts playhouse was born and it became a community hub for families, also the beginning of Jadah learning about business. The problem with this structure was that they wanted just to have a place for them to play and have music time and what not but it ended up being more of a preschool setting. This restricted them and what the market wanted is not what they wanted to supply full-time.

Creating inviting communities – 32:44
Jadah always wants the groups she created for the people she serve to be inviting and of a welcoming positive vibe to make you feel like you belonged. With Simple Green Smoothie she continues in that same vein by ensuring that the initial hello pulls you in like you were always apart of the community. They make sure they are more than a business and a resource for their customers, where all your questions are answered and the support is always there.

Navigating a period of turmoil with hope – 35:07
Hope is her number one strength, she went from being homeless at the age of 5 to living in a 2 acre home with 2 horses and 2 Lexus’ then back to bankruptcy and sharing a room with two other siblings. With so much ups and downs she has that tenacity to rebuild time and time again despite circumstance. Being ok with change and knowing things can get better has made her thankful for the things she have no matter how little and with that brings out the glimmer of positivity that’s worth holding on to. Be happy and don’t complain about the situations that you sometimes you end up in, when you do it still will not solve the problem. So while they were in California with Jadah’s in-laws she was thinking about going back to school but decided to stay with their daughter while her husband worked. She slowly worked on her online business during the times her daughter was sleeping. The other thing she needed to do was removed the deadline that she put on herself to accomplish the goal of an online business. With burden off it gave her more freedom to experiment and stay in a creative flow space. When you do that to yourself its harder to create freely and be in a happy space.

Simple Green Smoothie movement – 40:41
While at the in-laws the only thing she could control is what she ate and what she ate was junk food. She gained 25 pounds quickly and began feeling sluggish, so she began having a diet of Green smoothies. Within three months of beginning that regiment, she lost 27 pounds and her body just craved more fruits and vegetables. With this change she felt better and at least she had a control over one area of the life which was what she was putting in her body. She started spreading the word to all the people she loved and showed them what it had done for her. It quickly moved from friend to friend then onto instagram in July 2012 where she shared the ingredients and recipes along with photos. After 3 months Simple green smoothies was live on the web, and in January 2013 they had their 30 day green smoothie challenge. Over 30 thousand people signed up to their email list to receive weekly shopping lists and recipes. Funny enough this was done without any other form of social media or paid advertising.

Getting started with Simple Green Smoothies – 45:40
Starter recipe is named beginners luck. It’s a very healthy she says as none of her family has been sick in so long and her doctor told her she doesn’t need to come for a check up for two years. So invest your health now so you will save money and time in the long run, another thing is that grocery bill will become less filled with processed food costs. As for equipment you don’t need to start with any impressive blender but as you get into it more you can upgrade to better, the only reason that you do is for warranty and its efficiency.

Testimonials and Friday love notes – 49:19
The community happiness specialist as she calls them dig up comments from the website, instagram and other social media outlets and share them with the entire team every Friday. This is a way of them celebrating their community internally and its a continuous reminder of why they are doing this.
(50:01) One special mention is Joanne – Joanne, who is a breast cancer survivor and she did both the 30 day challenge and the 21 day cleanse. She was about to do her last surgery and the team decided to make a video for her and she replied on the Facebook page sharing her thanks.
Every dollar they receive is someone saying yes to their health and that has convinced them to choose love over metrics, better yet people over profits. “True community building is touching one person’s life and impacting that through spreading the word through word of mouth.”

What is it that makes someone or something unmistakable – 52:08
Its showing up in the world as a dreamer and a doer. Creating great impact in the world by being a dream builder. She ends with a dream builder manifesto –
“This is for the dreamers, the ones who say their dreams out loud even if it’s just a whisper. If this is your stand up. This is for the difference makers and the imperfect action takers, stand up. This is for the doers, idea hackers, movement starters, answer seekers, stand up. This is for the freedom chasers the ones who chose their own path, using failures as building blocks to make something greater and better. This is for the visionaries, the weekend warriors, the world shakers and the makers, stand up and dream a better world. Choose people over profits, choose peace over chaos, choose faith over fear. This is for dream builders who choose love, if you encounter every lesson in life on purpose stand up.”

Slow start or maybe I was too impatient with seeking things that I read in the show notes. But Jadah in the second half of this interview started providing some good information to the people like me who are looking to serve a community that I care for and not looking for the profits. As you can see she really has the vibe of positivity where she really loves what she does and prefers to build a community where she can grow with the people she serves. From the stand point of starting over constantly and being a fighter is a very strong message for people who are discouraged easily and this message can help you find a way to push your boundaries into uncertainty but ensure that you with happiness and hope on the other side you will survive. She promotes health and benefits to being green and with a positive grateful out look on life it shows that this movement she has built will never shrink but continue to improve and expand. Well that’s it for me thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.