Good Day all, welcome Saturday’s edition of WoW, I was busy all morning so I just decided to do the podcast analysis on Jimmy Wales the creator of Wikipedia. The free encyclopedia of the internet made by the users of the internet, I am sure all of us has used this webpage, many of us for school projects. We join James Altucher again doing his interview with this mastermind and talks on a variety of topics, which despite not totally on the website itself sounds like it was interesting listen (I skipped through to hear some of it). Well not much I wanna share cause I wanna get into it Asap.

Here is the podcast link –

  • Women leaders at the UN – 00:28
  • Jimmy Wales the back story – 2:25
  • Growing Wikipedia and making money – 5:01
  • Idea of Wikipedia and his advice on getting your idea viral – 10:14
  • Wikia the profitable side of wikipedia – 15:58
  • His Thoughts to Quora – 18:10
  • Some disputes he has been involved in on Wikipedia – 20:32
  • Using Wikipedia as your children’s schooling system – 24:54
  • The next step for Wikipedia – 29:13
  • Dont think everything has been invented for the internet – 35:29
  • Wikipedia for education – 43:01

Key Points Taken

Women leaders at the UN – 00:28
He went to conference with groups of women leaders talking about various topics.

Jimmy Wales the back story – 2:25
A geeky kid from Alabama, got to graduate early because of his mom and grand mother had a private school. The space and rocket center is in Huntsville Alabama, which made the space program his home town sports heroes. Lived so close that the windows rattled when they were testing the rockets, this exposure also led him into the science and technical field.

Growing Wikipedia and making money – 5:01
Wikipedia is an artistic statement, it says something upbeat about human beings meaning humans will devote a huge amount of time and passion to getting it right, making it better and share with other people. Despite the quarrels they may have from time to time they all know in the end they are doing it for a common good.
(6:09) Wikipedia’s viewpoint from a winner and loser perspective. When history is written by the winner the perspective may only come from one distinct viewpoint. Whereas on Wikipedia the history is a combination of all viewpoints once its valid towards the question. Which can mean the viewpoint gets into an emotional debate.
(7:22) The Emotional Contributor – There was an early on prominent contributor in the area of biology on Wikipedia who never caused any problem unless you brought up the topic of Israel and Palestine.
(8:08) Going Meta – Imagine a kind and thoughtful priest and a kind and thoughtful Planned Parent Activist will never agree on the issue of abortion but on Wikipedia the topics are usually neutral. The reader then gets the opportunity to read the content and make their own decision and position on where they stand.

Idea of Wikipedia and his advice on getting your idea viral – 10:14
If you write a good decent article about a topic in an encyclopedia, it’s actually useful even if there is no more content written yet.
(11:00) The ability of being useful from day one – its more valuable the more people are on it is not always necessarily true, for example on Facebook no matter how many people are on it and it continues to grow your friends list has the only impact on you. Thus grows to you only when your group does.
(11:45) People feel it’s a valuable use of their time – Wikipedia users waste hours on updating and modifying content but its a good use of their time, making the world a better place. Make content that even though it takes up their time its time they don’t mind wasting.
(12:26) Gamification and why Jimmy finds its stupid – In the early days of Wikipedia they had a lot more red links (link to information not yet created) than blue links (link to information created). Users who scanned across the wikipedia webpage and saw red links tried to be the first credited with information on said topic.

Wikia the profitable side of Wikipedia – 15:58
Its Wikipedia for fans of particular genres eg. for game titles, shows, movies etc. Anything you want to document in excruciating detail.
(17:04) What he does at Wikipedia now.

His Thoughts to Quora – 18:10
He thinks it’s a good community where people respond to questions in a meaningful way and despite the gamification attached to the site it doesn’t bother him as much.

Some disputes he has been involved in on Wikipedia – 20:32
He is always involved in squabbles and policy, but mainly the ones about editorial style for example the use of em dash (–) and dash (-). The rivers in Poland which most are known in English by their German names for historical reasons.
(22:14) British vs American English – common issue on pages but its best to leave it the way the original poster started, unless its specified to be a topic about a country example the British labour union.

Using Wikipedia as your children’s schooling system – 24:54
He thinks it should be a collaborative experience between teacher and Wikipedia, where students are thought but it has a prerequisite session to have students read the topic on Wikipedia. Then when they do they would have a discussion period with the tutor, which will lead to another topic to further read on Wikipedia. It’s a way of engaging students while slowly building up to different key topics. Wikipedia also have made some topics into a miniseries which are around a larger topic area, for example the UK government has a series where its broken down into the house of commons, the monarchy etc.

The next step for Wikipedia – 29:13
The next steps are going to invisible to most users of Wikipedia, because it will be based on additions of languages. English is still the number one language, but is on a slow decline because other languages are becoming more prominent in content.
(30:22) Open Identity for Wikipedia – He says their has been talks but no real action on this cause its a lot of work but since Wikipedia is open source there may be someone working on something.
(31:12) Production of video and animation – Jimmy would like to have a multimedia aspect to Wikipedia where for example a script can be posted by the users who can contribute in different ways an animator, art designer, sound, programmer etc come together to make a well produced film.

Dont think everything has been invented for the internet – 35:29
All the resources needed to create things like Wikipedia and twitter were available since 1995. It took six years though to devise how to add the social aspect to Wikipedia. So most things are already available to do projects it just takes the right people to come together to do it. As in the case for making the animated movies the free licensing is a big issue.
(37:26) Slenderman, which is a fanmade character made in internet forums and has become so popular that Hollywood picked it up to be made into a movie. But the rights to the character is now up in the air because many people are calling claims to it although it had one person who came up with the name.

Spy – 41:41
It’s about cool stuff that James bond would do, example if you were seated in a helicopter what things would you have with you.

Wikipedia for education – 43:01
Places where people don’t have a chance to go to school, access to Wikipedia can serve a great purpose, jimmy give an example of going to India in a squatting area. They don’t have proper schools there, so people came together and made private schools, he met a boy who said he used Wikipedia to pass his 11 form exams and also to find pickup lines for girls.

Interview on various subjects, from his upbringing to, the creation of Wikipedia and how the community has grown. His advice on making a website useful for its users and his thoughts on gamification. Wikia, Quora and the types of disputes that happen on Wikipedia. How the school system can use Wikipedia and incorporate it in class discussion. The next step for Wikipedia and his ambitions for multimedia projects, slenderman and spyskills domain he has yet to use. Last but not least Wikipedia not only for passing 11th form but you can pick up girls too. Informative I must say, good listen in the entertainment factor as well had a few laughs. Thanks for reading.