Good Day all, Friday afternoon, went to sleep late with a head clouded with ideas i just had to get out. I’m tired, hot but ready to go because despite the set backs and the mindset I am in I need to be consistent. I was going to go with a Lewis Howes podcast with James Altucher then while listening to him, he shared that he does a podcast and from how entertaining he started in the first minutes, I decided to switch to hear how he interviews people. So I got a new person added to my list of podcasters and couldn’t determine immediately which one of his interviews to choose from and then it became a toss-up between Jimmy Wales the guy who created Wikipedia or Steve Scott. Well I went with the catchier title How To Go From $0-$40,000 a Month Writing From Home, if this dude can make me money the quick way why not /sarcasm. I was curious to know how Scott got so much books to be 4 star plus with gimmicky ideas like Make Money with YouTube – How I Made an Extra $1,187.66 from a 4-Minute YouTube Video and How to Write a Nonfiction eBook in 21 Days – That Readers LOVE! Well let’s get to the interview and find out some of his secrets. Sorry Wikipedia guy will get back to ya.

here is the link to the podcast –

  • Steve’s crazy book names – 1:46
  • Steve’s Back story – 3:55
  • 99 Cents is the new free – 9:07
  • Affiliate marketing – 10:39
  • 55 ways to make money online, his first book – 14:29
  • Finding good non fiction Ideas for books – 18:12
  • Books on habits is his kind of thing – 21:57
  • From his 3rd book on-wards – 22:34
  • Beginning of 2013 – 24:29
  • Steve’s typical day – 28:28
  • Out of his 41 books which one has done the best and why – 32:18
  • The 1920 blue books – 35:22
  • How does Steve test his books – 36:31
  • Give Give Give then ask – 38:15
  • Upcoming books – 45:26
  • What made him decide to be two people – 49:53
  • Small books with a more frequent production – 54:52
  • Building your platform at the same time you are making money – 59:24

Key points Taken


Steve’s crazy book names – 1:46

Steve’s Back story – 3:55
He started online a decade ago, was married divorced went to live with his parents, before getting into making money online he was in the military then worked in Prenticehall as a marketing assistant.
(6:13) From 2003-2004 he had a few internet websites where he sold evil eye jewelery that he bought from turkey for 1 dollar and sold on eBay and e-commerce website.
(7:28) Someone did intelligent marketing and sold the same products on Ebay for cheaper through a back end strategy, they used an email list to follow-up on the customer so that they can further sell other products to the customer. Key lesson of building relationships, this is one technique Steve uses with his books. He states that he rather not make money of the first book just to get that email list.

99 Cents is the new free – 9:07
The premise came about with the conventional wisdom that most kindle publishers followed which was that you release the book for free for five days then get an influx of sales afterwards. Instead Steve would launch his books for 99cents get a lot of initial sales then let amazon do the rest based initial sales and reviews. Once Amazon sees that there is something of worth with the book based on those two things they campaign on your behalf.

Affiliate marketing – 10:39
He did affiliate marketing which was quite profitable till he went into kindle marketing. The idea around this is that you provide free content around a topic, then you find an affiliate to offer on your site then get commission for each sale. In short its a merging of good content with aggressive marketing.
(13:51) Some suggestions for driving traffic is having one authority niche around a particular topic through blogging, podcasting, you tube channel but honestly he thinks kindle books is the best way. This really builds an audience by writing a variety of books.

55 ways to make money online, his first book – 14:29
The book was written in February, 2012 which was basically five old blog posts about revenue streams and throw together a kindle book. Little note, jobs people used to have long ago are slowly becoming extinct for example James says it ridiculous to have a publisher, because nowadays anyone can become self published. Things long ago that seemed so out of reach are very possible for anyone to do now. Also in terms of book selling publishers take a nice chunk out of your sales per book, where as having it up on amazon their cut is cheaper and you get much more exposure.
(15:35) The kindle bug. He first two books didn’t sell that well but after practice and knowing how amazon works he was able to produce better content as well as have great sales with good enough ratings.
(16:34) The third book how to find good e-book ideas. It was a more content heavy book after seeing how the two books fared, he decided to really take the time and provide a new book every month.

Finding good non fiction Ideas for books – 18:12
What he does for himself is write on things that he is personally interested in, one example is he had an issue with how much time answering and sorting email took out of his day. So he made a system about how to get around that and made a book. What he suggests for people to do is reverse engineering the amazon market place, looking at blogs, forums, yahoo answers, clickbank to see what people are looking for help with and whats selling. Write variety of ideas and look at amazon and see how they are ranking. The 30thousand rule is to look at the amazon best sellers and if its selling 30thousand that means it selling at least 5 copies a day (if you are selling a book at 2.99 that’s like 10dollars a day).
(20:26) Titles that may make a good topic today. Steve prefers to have authority in one category of book than jump around but his example is writing guides on for like candy crush or on minecraft. Although he strongly suggests you make an entire catalog around brand of book, where the customer if they buy a book with a theme they will most likely buy another.
(21:25) Writing on whats trending is good, but only if you it’s based around one topic and build an email list to go with it.

Books on habits is his kind of thing – 21:57
The books will differ based on what is going on in his life for example when he starts a family he will have a book on parenting habits.

From his 3rd book on-wards – 22:34
September 2012 is when the book sales started picking up making a couple hundred dollars a month. Then he came up with a fourth and fifth and sixth book which internet business books. These were on different topics (how to get blog traffic, how to write a book really fast, how to make money from you tube) which he then took apart separately and wrote whole books on them and based them on his own experiences. By December he start to make a couple thousand a month. His benefit was though he had a blog with an audience already via an email list so he would give the book to them for free and have them review it which gave him 40 plus reviews over night. This gave the perception that it was a great book and made it sell very well on amazon.

Beginning of 2013 – 24:29
How to write a book in 21 days was one of his best sellers at the time.
(25:28) Why he is able to give away his secrets so easy.
(26:23) “This guy makes money online by showing people how to make money online.” Was a negative comment he received that really irked him, because he knew that knew what he was writing about, so to show those people he could thrive in a market outside his comfort zone he decided to write about habits.

Steve’s typical day – 28:28
He wakes up and does whatever is important to him towards his current project for 2 to 3 hours at the time it was writing at the moment its recording for a video course. He forces himself to do it before going on Facebook or any other fun activities. He makes sure and writes the 3 most important things to do during the day or will have the biggest benefit to his life and do those things first. For the rest of the day are small projects that don’t take a lot of mental work then relax for the rest of the day.

Out of his 41 books which one has done the best and why – 32:18
Habit stacking is one of the book that’s been doing well, being in the top 100 for a couple of weeks. The reason he think it’s doing so well is because of the cover and the title to the book which says you can improve your life with simple habits that take 5mins. People want more time do the things that bring them joy, so if they can get these tips to increase productivity and reduce time doing so they will welcome it.

The 1920 blue books – 35:22
The little blue book, also this website. These books were just like little self-help and various other topics (biographies, romance, sci-fi). He had about a thousand books and all he sold about 100million books, which were 5cents a book, but if a book sold like less than 10thousand a month he would drop it from the catalog. The reason for this was a way of testing to see why it didn’t sell as many and rebrand it.

How does Steve test his books – 36:31
He kind of ghetto with his publishing but he is in a group on Facebook to run ideas by people. Pickfu is a site that you can get 50 different people to vote on a title choice and then there is mturk to also help pick your title in short periods of time.

Give Give Give then ask – 38:15
He follows Gary Vaynerchuk’s concept in jab jab jab right hook which is to give as much quality free content then ask. He doesn’t badger his email list members but rather give them 1 or 2 emails with content then literally beg them when you have a new product to sell give it a good review.
(39:11) His begging to free content ration, 25 to 75 but he is trying to increased the amount of free content so that you become more personable and more engaging with the customer.
(40:09) Marketing techniques, he uses amazon associates where you an affiliate link to provide on your site for the customer to go through you to get a commission but it also gives you an additional feature to know how many clicks you received per link. He added a variety of add ons on the site so see how many people did whatever on his site and tracked what is giving him the best results. He did Facebook ads, fiver ads and none of them gave him the type of traction like the genuine email to his customers.
(41:40) Best way to build the email list, the kindle books helped build his list, he planted an email address sign up in the front of the book along with 77 habit list which links to a page.

Upcoming books – 45:26
Mainly about evernote apps, and productivity habits and one that he plans to put up for free.
(46:18) Thoughts on writing a novel? He see’s no interest there although he has talked to publishers about it but he thinks the task is too daunting and he is happy with his niche.

What made him decide to be two people – 49:53
He wanted to separate based on his two niches internet marketing and habits, so people can look for the books that they want.

Small books with a more frequent production – 54:52
He thinks that the concept behind his kindle books is like in between a blog post and published book, where the length of the book is a more in-depth blog post where you try to answer all the questions that topic.
(55:52) His example of how to make a book from your experience in a particular area, he uses golf. You first take all the parts that you need to be a good golfer and then break it down into small little books (how to improve your golf swing, How to take 10 strokes off your game, how to find the best equipment). Take the whole golf topic and break it down and make a brand of books around it.
(57:10) Build an email list and have a free report or something of value for free to jump-start your list and have this on either a squeeze page or a blog. Release a book for free to help build the email list, don’t worry about not earning money if you are in for the long run it will benefit. In conjunction with the book either start a blog, a podcast or a you tube channel to continually provide free content and bang the drum to join your email list.

Building your platform at the same time you are making money – 59:24
Dont be afraid about making mistakes or writing something that doesn’t go over well with the public.

Well Steve gives good enough tips as well as James asked some good questions along with giving his own tips on some subject matter. Things I took away were the ways to promote books and be a self publisher using amazon, how to make to find ideas for books as well as properly focusing on a niche topic. Give things for free so that you gain trust in the eyes of your consumer, taking one broad topic and breaking into chunks and sharing content on each segment to the public instead of one big book. Dont be ashamed that your content is not good at first build upon it and work towards improvement, make money while you grow. Email list is key to building audience and have platforms to add more to the list so that you have good reviews before hand and sales will be steady per book. It was long but the interview had things of worth to take away. Thanks for reading.