Good Day all, It’s Saturday and I did my first Morning pages  and cut my mom’s hair, so I think I’m ready to do my podcast its mins to twelve right now and I’m trying to see how I can cut down on my time to do these. This podcast was just a random choice but it just felt right when I listen to a bit of it. I have been on a path this week to improve my creativity I have listened to a bit of audio books, read some articles, did some practices and this podcast will try to help me further my study on the topic. I realize that my fear to act is still something I have to conquer since at this moment I have an idea but don’t know how to start on it because of the many thoughts popping into my head. Anyways the interview is with Scott Kaufman who is a psychologist and author of the book Ungifted which focuses on the different types of intelligence we have and how to seek out your path to achieving greatness.

Here is the podcast link

Key Points Taken

Why he wanted to tackle the topic of achieving greatness – 4:48
He has always been obsessed on what does it take to reach to higher levels, as a kid he wondered why he was never in the gifted class and what do they have that I don’t. He vowed later in life that he had to research what were the ingredients to greatness.

Lewis story about his difficulties in school – 6:58

What is the key to understanding the development of greatness – 8:44
There is no key really, but you should know that there are multiple paths to greatness and figuring out how you learn to reach there. For example what are their unique value is in this world, their unique package of personal characteristics, your cognitive abilities (are you a verbal person or are you a visual person or auditory) and what environment is best for you.

What is IQ and is it even effective? – 10:47
If we were to speed up 10 years from now IQ would stand for Imagination Quotient but it stands for Intelligent Quotient and its like a physical fitness test for your brain. But that has changed for people because it’s not the mastering of the general skill set that everyone should learn that makes someone unique, it is the skills that they have mastered and adapted to that specific job, sport etc that have made them stand out. Thus IQ’s have hindered opportunity for students by indicating someone is stupid based on results, when there are so many other factors that could be causing it.

Narrow Diversity Movement – 14:33
People whose brains are wired in a way that they have difficulties doing one thing are usually exceptional at others, for example a lot of people with Dyslexia have turn out to be successful entrepreneurs. They have learned to compensate their problem with learning the written word with personal skills mainly of the physical kind. They also become very good at mentally visualizing things, which tends to be great with sports and creation. Autistic people are very technical, can spot patterns and have great attention to detail. Being labelled as having a disability has become a way for these people to prove that they are more than that which brought out abilities to offset their disadvantages.

ADHD – 18:00
They are usually creative students who love doing projects to express themselves but being labelled as people who can’t concentrate in the classroom. But there has been research that if you put a person with this disorder in a subject matter that is purposeful and meaningful to them they actually are able to devote themselves much better than anyone else.

Intrinsic Motivation and how it decreases – 20:58
When we are born as children the world is new and we absorb like a sponge since we want to know about everything. As we move into the school life it creates an environment where you curiosity is narrowed and you are forced to learn specific things as a requirement. If you don’t you are either left behind or pushed forward onto something new to learn that tends to be something you don’t really want or need to know. As we move from level to level in learning our motivation decreases to the point where when we graduate you leave saying “I hate learning!”

Intrinsic motivation and variants of passion – 23:43
The difference of being motivated intrinsically (like) and passion (love) is that for example you wont say I play basketball (intrinsically motivated) you would say I am a basketball player (passion). Once you have that commitment everything you do feeds into that, learning is no more an effort, anything that seems relevant at all to that you immediately assimilate. But this passion can be integrated into life in a healthy helpful way or a very obsessive way. Obsessive passion means you must do this thing at all cost and this can lead to burn out. Harmonious passion means when people do the activity they are interested in it makes them feel good about themselves and feel that they are becoming more complex and growing in every area of their being.

Inspiration can be captured and manipulated – 25:47
Inspired people have these qualities
1)Spontaneous – this is where people encounter something in the world and gets visions or sudden motivation to follow certain actions.
2)Open Mindedness – you are willing to try new things to acquire new opportunities of enlightenment.
3)Increased flow.

Greatness is 99% perspiration 1% inspiration = 100% bullshit – 28:00
Actually inspiration a far far greater predictor of creativity than effort. Effort predicts technical merit and getting work done efficiently whereas inspiration predicts creative ideas and moving things forward.

Definitions of intelligence – 29:39
“Adaptation to your environment.”
“Ability to devise strategies and alternative routes to the end path.”
“The dynamic interplay of ability and engagement in the pursuit of personal goals” – Personal Intelligence (Scott)
You need to take into account what are the person’s goals, for example what if someone is failing physics class but the person does not care for doing the subject does that make them stupid in physics? No, there just isn’t any motivation or goal to gain any knowledge in that academic field which will benefit that person. Our ability and skills grow based on how engaged we are in learning any topic in pursuit of a goal. Best way to measure what someone is capable of intellectually and creatively is to give them a long period of time to engage in something that they are personally interested in and develop and master those skills.

Prejudice of potential – 36:45

“We are capable of extraordinary performance, the key is finding the mode of expression that allows you to create your own symphony” – 37:16
There are many ways to perfect a skill through practice, there is deliberate practice where you do a skill and learn from your mistakes or get feedback from a mentor to acquire perfection, there’s flow which is a psychological state a person gets in when engaged in an activity and then there is play where you learn by being in a relaxed and curious state.

What lies at the heart of highest greatness achievers – 41:54

Note you can activate this intelligence for greatness at any age, you don’t need to be a child or youth to bring out your greatness.

What is your definition of greatness – 46:27
Greatness is having a skill set that puts you in the 1% percentile of that particular field.
Second meaning is not only to have that skill set but the ability to use it to move whatever field you are invested in forward in a direction that no one has ever seen before.

Somber Saturday vibes with this one, learnt about greatness and intelligence. No one is entirely stupid, you have skills that are greater than others, you are weak in areas that others are strong. But you were born with a unique ability that when engaged down the right path brings you into an inspired state which no one can touch you. You exude greatness because you have a personal goal to achieve and when you find it you will know. I learned how learning disabilities can make people be labelled and discourage but it just makes them more capable of using another hidden talent that can compensate for that disadvantage. How is inspiration captured and seen in others as well as how the school system is not properly designed to keep students intrinsically motivated to learn. The definition of intelligence, ways we can perfect skill and finally what is the definition of greatness. Hope your day is going well or what’s left of it and I will see you tomorrow.