Good Day all, I was on a high, well somewhat then balanced off and now a lil under the weather (not in the sick way). Started with an audio-book by Steven Pressfield named The war of Art , listening and reading at the same time really helped for a person like myself who doesn’t like to read. The book though was entertaining enough, after listening to the first 30mins of it I moved on to coding which I had psyched myself into doing the night before. Was good at the start silenced my phoned, only tabs up were the you tube vid and his code, I was trudging through drinking my olive water and doing well, till I actually tried the app on my phone and it crashed at least I got to see the splash screen >_>. Now I’m here, mood has improved a bit since the tragedy, more because I found what I wanted to analyze and it was a toss-up between two podcasts. The reason I chose the one I chose was mainly because I wanted to find out why I am a jack of all trades master of none for 28 years, why haven’t I found something I’m exceptional at. This interview with Chase Reeves co-founder of Fizzle which is an online business training site with a vital community. He proves you can be a jack of all trades and eventually a master of one, as long as you’re committed to the path it leads you down. Lets hope so…

Here is the podcast link

Key Points Taken

Fizzle what is it – 4:26
Fizzle has two meanings, the first comes from the Victorian era England which meant a silent but deadly fart. Second meaning well he went off on a tangent and never came back to it, this dude is crazy. Anyway back on track he explained that the site consists of two things pro training via video with different courses (a mind-set course) and then the community side that gives you support and accountability before you fizzle out.

Choosing something unique to share in this world is getting more convoluted – 10:14
As each year passes being the first or in the few that is doing something unique gets more and more populated for example having a blog about travel a decade ago would have been a very rare sight (no pun intended) on the internet. But now having a blog about travelling there are thousands of them once you Google search, so being specific about your niche is key as Chase says writing on uni-cyling in north Portland would get you a few hundred results on Google.

His interest in entrepreneurship – 11:18
He lived in Portland and his grand mother was an interior designer and for Christmas and birthdays she would give him pencils, crayons, pens as gifts. That instilled in him creativity which then got overshadowed by doing music when then drew him to the computer because he wanted to record and edit his music. The editing of music turned into editing video because of how similar the software for both were, at this time the internet was popular and being able to share these creations to the world was the next step. On from there had him fiddling with website creation, so he got into WordPress and was on their forums getting help. All this trial and error events took him about 6 or 7 years where he had realized that he was a multimedia agency, but he didn’t know that was a big deal then.

Skirmish rap to the tune of Gilligan’s Island 13:45
Chase was a fan of rap and in that era Tupac was a big name in the rap world and had got into a fight at some event, so Chase decided to make a funny rap about it with a Gilligan’s island beat. Doing things like these made him recognize that he love creating things just so people could be able to react in some form. (cry, laugh, think)

His patron saint – 16:04
The person he looks to when he wants to know what do with his life is Louis CK because he gets to make things he likes, he looks for Truth and then he gets on stage tells you back that truth in way that when you listen to it, you see yourself in it, you’re uncomfortable by it and you are laughing at the darkness that’s in yourself and you feel more comfortable in your own skin the whole time. (don’t ask me, I’m just quoting the dude). In everything he shares he aims to bring it to you especially in Entrepreneurship in an interesting and entertaining way but also let you see how important this stuff is.

How did he translate creating fun things into a career – 17:31
He began doing his multimedia agency services at church, there was a need for someone to play music and maybe video editing etc then he move to Portland and worked at a place named blendzerz. While still doing the church work he was still in school getting an education in biblical studies in hopes of becoming a pastor. (he would have made one hell of a pastor, I would attend for sure) He gave up on that dream because he wanted to create something of value not just have people donate to his cause and took up a job in a media company as a project manager. He stayed there for a year, left them because he thought I could do that better than them and start his own internet video company. Chase didn’t have much experience in the business aspect, had no networks, no mentors and after a year of pounding his face into the pavement gave up on that as well. Up next a job at a web development company where he played second fiddle to the CEO, he job was putting together proposals with potential clients and then making the websites. It was fun for a while then economy tanked and his job description changed immediately to a full commission only salesman.

My son is coming in two weeks can you fire me instead so I can get unemployment – 21:25
He was 26 when his first child was about to be born, was good at a lot of things, he could be successful at anything he could put enough time into. But it was so frustrating because he didn’t have a mentor to make him know which one was the best opportunity to stay focused on and grow a business out of. Being all on his own was what he wanted but was also his downfall, or was this the spark that he needed to pick pace cause he has another lil mouth to feed.

The imperative but still frustrated – 24:05
The example of having a detrimental condition plays out here where Chase had a professor in college who was doing his PhD with 12 other people, but he and another student had children. They were the only two who finished the program within schedule, simply because they had an imperative. Chase had an imperative but also in the back of his head this frustration that he could be great at many things but not excellent at any. He had a blog going father apprentice and was unemployed so at the time while looking for work he was building his portfolio making websites on the side.

Paralysis of Analysis – 26:51
“Its like the scene in the matrix where there’s a long hallway and bunch of doors and all they all look the same and I’m the kind of guy who can open up a lot of those doors but you can’t tell by looking at the door what’s on the other side so you’re neutral about all of them.” He wished he was a pro at one thing, his life would have been much easier because you would know what direction to go and stay there and you would understand the entire ecosystem. He also shares the sentiment that if he could go back he would become an apprentice under someone creative like a record store owner, so he could understand how it all works. He did become an apprentice though but from a business stand point. He comes back to the fear of choosing one thing and sticking with it because if he does what if he makes the wrong choice.

Was Soul Searching for 6 years worth it? – 29:44
It wasn’t just worth it, it was necessary.

Unleash your creativity, turn pro in something and focus on a niche that your skills can benefit and make a business – 32:19
It doesn’t mean that when you turn pro you have to do that for the rest of your life, you can make something of worth and move on. Chase thought because he had to leave all that he was good at and focus on one thing that he would be locked in to doing that specialization for the rest of his life.

Find someone who earns a living doing something that intriguing to you – 34:39
Don’t care about being paid, just observe and learn, with this knowledge and hands on you will be fast tract so quickly. Chase final working opportunity before starting up fizzle he was under a guy for three years who already had two successful businesses, for him having Chase as his apprentice was a fun lil project. He got a bird eyes view through everything that the business man did such as board room meetings with huge companies.
“I will never lean on you or expect you to say something that you do not know the answer to, I will only even lean on you for things that I know you know the answer to.” In that moment he realized that his whole life he was trying to give answer to things that he did not know the answer to, because he thought he needed to do that in order to be successful, in order to be someone people would listen to, in order to be convincing or persuasive, in order to have authority instead of just being yourself and still be of value with your own views.

Apprenticeship – 36:44
Getting to shadow someone who does something that intrigues you, ride on their coattails for a while gain the experience from them. Sometimes it just takes seeing someone do something that makes us know what we want to do, it helps you figure out the early steps they took early on to get from A – Z. We so many times see someone we want to emulate but only see the end result and think it’s so sexy, but its better to hear what they did in the earlies to help you avoid failures and carve the easiest path to quick success in the field.

Brad Feld Quote – 38:42
The quote came from this article which is “the hardest thing for a 22-year-old CEO to do is to plan and look ahead for next 22 years”. It’s a long-term view with short incremental cycles and you have work within both views so that your goals at the short-term fit in with the long-term goal.

Knowing what you know now what advice would he have for himself back then – 42:41
Don’t go down the lone wolf path, instead use those years being the apprentice under someone you admire because it would shave many years away from trying to do it on your own. It’s not always the work itself, its how you they approach the work and bring to it. Even though you have the skill to do the craft you still may not get that inspiration to reach a level where the success of the work you do is much better than the usual. Write down ten names of people you admire and see where they are and how close you can get to at least one of them to get a chance to see how they work.

Entertaining podcast to say the least, from stories of rapping to the Gilligan’s island theme to a baby on the way and unemployed. Chase has given me a roller coaster ride of events and lessons, he heavily focused on getting a mentor and being an apprentice in something you are interested in, which from as much as I have heard it before is really important. Being a jack of all trades may be good but being pro in one thing is better since you can be the best in it and able to provide more to particular niche and dominate. So choose one and take the risk or see if there is an apprentice opportunity in one of the fields that you seek some more knowledge on. Well that s it the other areas of the podcast were more of his story of going from job to job till arriving where is his at the moment. Thanks for reading.