Good Day all, I woke up in a mode to just “get on with it”, whatever tasks I had plan just act and go with the flow. Note that was my initial mindset, until i got in front the computer. First task – to actually not just listen and follow along to an app tutorial, but decide on applying what I had learnt and do something. I had a bunch of ideas over the past months, written them down and all I had to do is choose one and find the resources need to “get on with it.” To my surprise there were a few tutorials on how to get specific parts done, I kept googling and googling and googling to get more and more and more, but i realized I was doing what i always do. Gathering all the facts and but not acting upon them because of the fear and the “What if syndrome”. Time was just going by with no movement just tabs upon tabs with information and as I looked the task became more and more daunting. The straw that broke the camels back was stupid me deciding to go on the app store and see if there was an app that was doing what I envisioned and of course you idiot there would be. BISH THAT KILLED MY VIBE … So here I am to again with my podcast breakdown and because of my experience this morning I found one about using fear as my guide, it’s from Ilan and Guy Ferdman two brothers who run a business named Satori Prime. They coach and mentor up and coming entrepreneurs and existing ones by providing them with the services to improve their online marketing, sales and personal business development. Quick side note before I begin, Ilan has a podcast as well and while watching one of his videos introducing it, he talked about listening to a lot of podcasts and making cliffnotes of them, which strange enough im doing right now lol. It proves most of the time you never come up with an original idea, but it takes a great person to take someone’s idea and tweak it a bit and make it unique.

Here is the podcast

Key Points Taken

What does Satori Prime mean – 2:56
A moment of enlightenment to your time, to your state of greatest strength, vigor or success. Strange enough they didnt know what it meant until after they made the name.

Their backstories – 4:12.
Their parents were Russians, moved to Israel had Ilan and Guy then moved to the US in 1989. They were living in a shoe box apartment with a budget of 1600 dollars and everything they owned was used, from the clothes to couches to the tv. Being an immigrant it instilled very strong family values also a hard work mentality which are both good and bad attributes. Reason being when you keep trying to work hard to make money to sustain a life of success, its hard not to slack off and give yourself a break. As for the immigrant part you have a mindset where you and your family are all that you have so you have a problem trusting as well as asking people for help. Changing that mindset was a task on its own, since to get further in business, networking is key to growing and gaining success which was their goal.

Habits that immigrants have compared to natives – 6:27
They did a lot of physical labour when they were young, their dad had them helping him do odd stuff around the house while kids around the neighborhood were playing. Again Guy refers to Ilan’s statement about the mindset that hard work is the key than asking for help to reduce the load. “Allowing things come into your life and accepting them without thinking it always has to be hard.” Having the perception if not a lot of hard work went into it, you shouldnt accept it, is not always true.

How did he notice the patterns of the immigrant mindset – 8:42
Israeli mindset, Russian traditions in an American country which gave perspective all three countries at all times. With that in mind it gave them an advantage to manipulate the system whereas if you were born in America you only know of one way of thinking to get by on. As an immigrant there was no one to ask for help so the mentality was to do it on their own which in the future for business can bottleneck growth without any networks to source.

There’s no shame in asking for help – 11:30
Your skill set will only take you so far, you will be able to grow on your own by looking into something and getting a bit more information but there wont be any exponential growth. With help from seasoned people who have gone through the tough areas for you already can map out an easier route to your goals. Guy and Ilan realized that taking all the baggage and climbing this hill thinking they have to do everything on their own wasnt helping them at some point, so out of necessity they had to take a step back and alter their mind-set. Also the notion that you have about asking for help, where you think you are relinquishing control to someone, but you gain so much more in the end.

Guy’s thoughts on it – 13:43
Self worth becomes a usual topic when it comes to asking for help as well, you think that if I ask for help that you are not good enough or not worthy. You don’t always have to put on this front that everything you’ve done was on your own, look like you have it all together. Asking for help is letting go of ego, humbling yourself and being willing to listen (which most of us tend not be capable of doing most of the time) and giving of one’s self to experience beneficial growth.

“If your commitment to what you looking to accomplish is bigger than your own selfish desires then you’ll get out-of-the-way a lot” – 15:02

Scarcity Complex – 18:02
Having little when growing up the boys always thought they had to fight to get as much as they could have everything because of scarcity. But what is true there will always be enough of everything, it’s just another fabricated story, this mentality will always have you thinking that what you have is not enough and lose vision of other things that are more important. Guy then brings up the analogy of animals one day thinking that I have to breathe as much air and eat as much grass today because there isn’t gonna be enough here tomorrow.

The world will provide – 19:28
Ilan adds that We all grew up in a capitalistic society that thought us that competition is good, means are limited, resources are limited and then when you reach out in the real world they then want you to start working in teams which is the total opposite of what you wanted initially.

Kinesiology – 21:47
Ways of programming and testing your subconscious based on your beliefs in different areas of life.

Giving up there is any real truth in the world – 29:42
Everyone has a belief system based on the influences you have received all throughout your life and whatever they are, its 100 percent valid to you. Being able to sometimes question your beliefs and reevaluate the positions you have in particular situations can help you be open to the opinions of others. Being standoffish creates a tension between you and your peers, which can throw away opportunities and potential relationships in the long run.

Stories of fear – 35:01
Ilan when he was a kid in school his teacher wanted him more involved with the other students in class, so she gave him sheets of paper to hand out. Not knowing english he went around the class passing out the paper saying “Here’s a piece shit for you. Here’s a piece of shit for you.” Everyone in the room is laughing but what is strange to me though is how do 3 year olds know the word shit already?
(Guy 36:02) Fear is built into your system, there is usually no way of getting rid of fear. So working on fear is a waste of time, what is more valuable to work on is your courage. Courage is the willingness to take action in the face of fear, all the things you afraid of are usually what you wanna go after first. Your intuition is always pulling you towards something but the wall is always fear. So if you willing to use fear as your guide, in the background it’s just your intuition telling you where you should go and your mind preventing you from acting because it wants to keep you safe.
(Ilan 40:28) As an Entrepreneur you have to develop the skill set of being willing to jump off a cliff and figuring out how to fly on the way down. All fear is is a blessing in disguise, when you don’t do things that scare the hell out of you its your ego or brain trying to keep you safe, but you know on the other side there is the life that you want. It’s the same reason 1% of the population is as successful as they are, not because they are lucky it’s because they worked hard and were willing to take the risks that the normal person is scared of, and they just know they will come out the other side. “Everytime you get out of your own way, the world just works.”

Blame and responsiblity – 43:00
In society it seems like one and the same, but it’s not. Blame is the finger-pointing game, responsibility is the willingness to say im at the source of things. Feeding into the world of victimization where your ego looks for a foothold so your mind will keep you safe. So if in life you keep running into the same situations for example having the same type of relationships, meeting the same kind of boss at every new job. It’s not a coincidence, you are the common denominator and the reason why its reoccurring is because you subconscious is constantly putting you in these situations over and over again because you survived it in the past and your brain is predicting you will survive it again. The way to escape this problem is taking responsibility.

This was a nice one indeed, from the back story of the two brothers, to taking responsibility and owning up and realizing that sometimes you have to remove your ego and ask for help. A lot of talk about having a mindset that the there is no scarcity, there is always abundance, taking sometime to reassure what you believe in from time to time. Overcoming fear the blessing in disguise and start acting with courage which will bring you all that you want. I have to say they have some of the same philosophies i have in terms of programming the subconscious mind into changing the outcomes you are faced with everyday. I learned a lot and will definitely take what they said about taking risks as I realize what they said is true about me, all the things I want to do are on the other side of fear and because I don’t act I am missing out on a lot in my life. As for blame and responsibility many people do seem to think its the same thing and hold it as a crutch to benefit at times, I have seen some patterns that keep recurring and as the common denominator, I will start making some changes. Thank you all for reading and I will see you in the other installment.