Good Day all, I kinda missed out yesterday’s blog post, I apologize to all maybe 5 of you read it including myself :). Well today didnt have any particular one I wanted to review, but just went to through my regular podcasts and chose this one since this guy is a hypnotist. Mike Mandel is also an author, martial arts trainer, key-note speaker and blues guitarist. Its a strange mixture but in this interview is going to share his three steps to creating your awesome. Lets hope its not just one of his usual mind tricks…

Here is the podcast link

Key Points Taken

Here’s Mike back story – 1:34
Has so many interests he claims he doesnt know what does anymore as in his job description. He was born in England moved to Canada when he was very young was bullied and developed verbal skills to deal with situations. This lead to an interest, then a career in hypnosis.
His success quote and how he used it as inspiration to get into wine writing – 2:46
‘Jump in at the very top and figure it out when you get there.’
In a nut shell learn enough about the topic and jump in at the top and fake it till you make it. He used this technique to become a wine writer, learned enough by reading wine books, taking wine seminars and jumped right into industry as Deccan doctor fresh the wine expert.

3 Things that every entrepreneur can do but usually dont – 4:19.
1. Invest – Invest in your self through courses, products and services and things you are interested in.
2. Learn – Become an expert in these things.
3. Teach – Share your knowledge with others, dont be selfish.

We need to make ourselves our number one project. – 5:10.
Make yourself the number one priority, be an expert in a particular field, share that expertise with others and it will come back to you. “You can get anything you want out of life, if you help other people get what they want.” –
Zig Ziglar.

A time in Mike’s life where he failed – 7:37
Started as a very smart student, doing well in IQ tests but teachers didnt know what job to place him in. At twelve his father not wanting him to be stuck in front the tv, so he gave him the opportunity to purchase any book he wanted. He was interested in hypnotism and got very good trying it out on neighbors and kids in school. Till he began to dislike school because of his teachers and ended up going from straight A’s to a very poor student. Left school and got a job as a telephone operator at $90 a week and one of his friends who knew about his act hired him and got him gigs around Canada. At the time he was the only hypnotist until others came on the band wagon and they began
competing for gigs and he decided one day that he was not a hypnotist, he was a communicator. He became a Key Note speaker and things picked up after that and for years he was making good money and traveling between the states and Canada. Then the economic downturn in 2008 happened and there were no more jobs for him because no one had enough funds to book him.

To sum it up, he tried to do it all on his own. – 12:16.
He never had a structured financial security runway. Tried to be the lone wolf even in areas he had no experience in. What changed this was collaboration.

The moment that came to turn it all around – 13:26
He was too gullible with the people who were hiring him, letting them push him around and they ended up using him. He didn’t have a solid plan for the future and how save and manage the money he was getting as well as reinvesting his skills for other potential business streams.

jujitsu to the rescue – 14:31
One of his students from his martial arts class made him an offer to sell products online. He gave it a shot and started selling mp3’s online and started also live hypnosis training sessions in the university of Toronto. His sessions grew from just six to a full classroom with people from Czech republic, Ireland, Norway, France and Australia, as well as people from different walks of life, like doctors, dentists, lawyers, psychologists. Seeing how
trustworthy Chris was proving to be with increasing Mike’s income, he began to see power of collaboration, filling the gaps that Mike did not have. From there he went into pod casting then to an online academy thats open 24/7 to members all over the world. The key to his success is collaboration, which helped him spring-board ahead of his
fears that held him down in the past.

Never ever ever ever give up – 18:13
Dont give way to soon, you never know what is around the corner. “Grow old but dont grow up, life’s too short.”

Mike’s proudest moment – 19:29
His first proudest moment was when he launched his podcast series in 2011, all the content was free which was Neuro-linguistic Programming , hypnosis, relationships, mentalism and it took off.

His second proudest moment was in 2013 when he launched his online training academy to people around the world.

Awesome quote – 21:04
“Tomorrow is a promissory note, yesterday was a cancelled check, today is the only cash you have; spend it wisely.”

What was holding him back as an entrepreneur? – 23:38
Mike says I was always an entrepreneur but an offline one via gigs, group sessions, one on one sessions etc. and the
belief that it could be possible to be bigger held him back.

What was greatest advice he ever received? – 24:16
His late great mentor Cambridge linguistic Derek Balmer told him “At some point you gonna be stuck, you might be working with a client, you might be fixing a phobia, you might be speaking to a group, you might be trying to change a tire. But at some point in you’re life you’re gonna be stuck, over and over to get this to work but it wont and you
have my full permission to look over your left shoulder and picture me sitting there grinning and laughing at you saying do something else you idiot.”

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

One of his personal habits that he believes contributes to his personal success – 25:10
Empowering questions – The kind of questions you ask yourself so that your unconscious mind seeks empowering answers.
Every morning you can ask yourself these types of questions to keep you mind processing positive answers to keep you moving forward.
For example What am I gonna do today to vastly improve my health and how am i gonna improve people’s lives as a result? or What will do today to learn a brand new subject and begin to initiate personal change?

Parting piece of advice – 28:21.
“100% of the shots you dont make, miss the net” – Wayne Gretzky

Didnt think I would get much useful information from this listen. this guy has an answer for everything. Every question he answered without even saying let me think about this or ummm. The quotes he shared were ones I would definitely keep them in my quote favorites, as well as his interesting empowering questions habit. I tried it just today and surprisingly i got a good result. Something else I think I need to engage in is having a proper mastermind, team or collaboration as he put it. I too have been a lone wolf for too long trying my hardest to get something of great significance out there on my own. But getting a second or third opinion isnt a bad thing, someone can really put a spin on things for you and get you going in a totally different direction which may bring you success. Thanks for reading friends until tomorrow.