Good Day all (this was supposed to be my sunday post but got tied up), today I feel lost, de-motivated, always getting up without a passion to fulfill. Just going through the
motions, doing things because I think they would be beneficial. But what I really want to do is something that is of purpose and fertile enough to sprout an impact in the society. I want some meaning in my life, I would like to be doing a project that can potentially make a difference in the world. I have found nothing that I am extraordinary at just things that I am great or average, never ever exceeding brilliance. I have read and listened to a lot of content from people who are supposed to inspire me to seek out my inner genius but I think my mind reminds me that what im doing is not any better than him or her. So I go back into that weary disenchanted state, yes my self-esteem
is not very high… I look at other people who have found or are doing great work with their gifts at such a young age, also I have seen people who have their gifts and tend to waste time on other activities. To me, as I look from outside, these lyrics pop into my head “if I could be like that, id do anything. Just to live one day in those shoes.”. But I digress, as I continue this search I decided to listen to this podcast today and see what I can dig up from it. It’s from Benny Hsu the app developer and Teespring selling
expert, no interview, just him talking about this topic – “What To Do With Your Life When You Have No Idea”.

Here is the podcast –

Key Points Taken

What Benny did while trying to figure out what he wanted to do in his 20’s – 2:40
He purchased books.
He daydreamed about becoming a movie director, producer and actor.
He wanted to be singer.
Cellphone salesman.
Realtor, Buying, flipping and selling houses.

Until he read the 4 hour work week his mindset changed to making money online – 5:52

Somethings that you can do to help you get unstuck in life – 8:03
1 – Just do something, for example find a creative outlet, like a blog.

Diaper Cakes? – 11:23

2 – Try a job in something that you may be interested in – 12:45
Doing this will help you decide if the idea of working in this field was just and idea or if you really love it.

3 – Start exercising – 15:00
To boosts confidence levels.

4 – Choose something and try it out in terms of online businesses – 18:34
Online business is cheaper than an offline business.

5 – Focus on improving yourself – 19:46
Filter what you watch or read.
Choosing the people you hang out with.
Have a morning routine.
Have a gratitude journal.
How can you find what you want to do when you don’t have a level of self-worth, being frustrated, sad. Raise your self

Last piece of advice – 21:30
Stop searching for that proverbial meaning of life. Focus on what you try now, everyday not for the future. Dont think that once you choose you are locked down to doing this job forever.

WellWellWell, I listened, I took notes and although it may not have been quite the answer I was looking for, I always think that you go in with less that you came out with. Despite the little I was able to gather because I heard most of this advice before, I was glad at least the suggestion of the blog which I am currently doing and
pretty interested in seems to have me in a different mood than usual. I do meditate, currently listening to the 4 hour work week, occasionally exercise, I am currently trying for about the 4 time programming and have been doing it each day so maybe I am progressing and don’t even know. Only time will tell and as for the last piece of advice he
gave for stop searching which was mainly the reason I checked out this, I guess I will stop for now and just do what comes to me each day in an engaging way. Thanks all for reading and well be sure to check out my next installment.