Good Day everyone, today’s podcast review is on Andy Drish who is the founder of the foundation a website with a community of entrepreneurs from around to world and their goal is to help people with no ideas, coding skills or funding start a software business. Life long learner’s Scott Britton who i did my previous installment on, interviews him to
find out how to find your unique Genius. Bringing out my creative side has been a journey for me and still I seek the knowledge to unleash my talents, I am just not too clear on what I was put on the earth to do. So I decided to listen to this podcast to see if Andy can assist with my quandary.

Here is the podcast link

Key Points Taken

What is the Foundation – 3:06

What holds people back from doing things they want even though you are given the right advice – 5:25
It all boils down to fear.

One group that really holds people back is their peer group around them, – 7:20

“The people that are close to you dont want you to change because if you change the ways in which they used to manipulate you wont work any longer.” Eben Pagan

With that being said it is very important to have a group around you that values growth and are willing to push each other to greater limits.

“The expectations that you set for yourself are the expectations of your peer group.” Tony Robbins – 8:09

The rule of 5 – 9:11.
Taking the five closest people in your life find the average of all their incomes and you would find out how much you make.Wanna know how your relationships are with people take the five closest people around you and judge it by how well
your relationships are with them.

Advice to people who are wanting to get into a better peer group – 10:29
You either create or join one.He advises though that its best for you to create your own, reason is that there is no requirement to get into the group as well you provide all the value by just bringing the right people. Downside is getting people to join. The other option is joining one but there are usually requirements or can be really costly, but the upside is that the support and resources are already there and its professionally set up.

Managing Burnout even when your business or endeavors are going well – 14:57
When you feel exhausted or frustrated with the every day running of the business, remember its not all to life. Take time to pamper and treat yourself to things that bring you joy. Also the mind set of why you are doing it is great to keep reminding yourself and the satisfaction you bring to your customers.

Using this technique for copy writing – 18:36
“Greatest skill a marketer can have is compassion and empathy for a person.”

What is your unique genius mean – 19:39
Your unique genius is something you do automatically, its something that gives you countless amounts of energy, you have been doing it for your entire life and you are the best in the world at it or one of the best and you dont even it. The reason you dont recognize it is because you have been doing it all your life and society has claimed that work is supposed to be hard and the things that are effortless and easy for you to do you shouldnt be paid for it. The truth is if you find out what your genius is you can then build your entire life around what your genius is and it should be the only stuff you do because it continuously gives you energy. These activities in the end will provide the most value to the world. – Dan Sullivan

Steps to finding your unique genius – 24:14
Basically its a bunch of questions to gather data then to categorize into 4 sectors what you are incompetent at, competent at, excellent at and genius. He uses Scott as an example.
What is your favorite movie and character in that movie?
What qualities you like about that character?
On a scale of 1 – 10 how much does those qualities align with yourself?
What were the things you loved to do when you were a child?
What habits your friends could count on you most for?
Email the top 10 people who know you most and ask them what do they think your genius or unique abilities are.
Good through your past jobs you’ve had and write down the tasks you enjoyed in those jobs.

After there is the patterns phase
You then look for patterns based on the previous questions. (what people think about you, what you think about yourself, the Habits you are constantly doing, the roles you enjoyed in your past jobs). Then you distill the patterns and come up with one comprehensive sentence that describes yourself.

What is Andy’s genius – 28:55

The idea of someone wanting to change jobs – 33:00

When doing your life purpose you have reason to live – 35:13

What to do when you have realized your genius – 37:51
Andy was not sure but he gave an example of what it has done for him, he says he feels compassion for the people who can do the things he is hates or is terrible at. It reduces the pressure of you having to figure it out, you have much more clarity to what you must do everyday with your life.

When you discover this you become a better leader and manager – 39:19
Since everyone knows what they are great at its then the job of the leader to align their qualities with the right tasks so that goals of the organization cane be achieved. When everyone is playing in their zones its not work anymore, since you are so aligned with what you were born to do its not work anymore its play. You get to do it, you dont have to do it its a choice.

Why doing what you love should be high priority – 41:09
“Never listen to your mom, because all she wants to do is make you safe. And feeling safe is the complete opposite experience of feeling alive, which what we really crave.”

Suggested books for uncovering your genius and prevention of self sabotage – 43:22
Unique Ability by Dan Sullivan and The big leap by Gay Hendrix.
The reason why the big leap is so important is because it helps prevent your subconscious from self sabotage.

Advice for people to get an edge in your business or your life – 45:18
Not what I quite expected it, he still provides some interesting points to take away like having the right support group to help achieve goals. How to create or join the right groups so your life improves from being in the average to the extraordinary and determining what level of success you are in with the rule of 5. Overcoming burnout by pampering yourself as well as implementing the customer appreciation technique. Later half of the podcast dealt with realizing your genius through a series of steps which are very practical but sadly realizing your uniqueness requires you to receive guidance from Andy’s group and cannot be done on your own. This was the point I was a bit disappointed yes you may be able to discover it on your own if you get a competent group of people to help, but expertise seem like a more immediate source of success. Once your genius is discovered though it seems your life has now begun again, Andy for one thing is very very passionate about this topic and is really encouraging. As for one of his final quotes it closes this blog post perfectly we all want to feel alive when living so its best to go out and experience all life has to offer while we can. Thanks for reading and listening if you did, until next time.