Last night I was wondering about all the projects i want to take up for this year, coding in python and android apps, going back to doing calligraphy, this blog thing (which is going pretty well), listening to an album a day and filtering them based on what songs i loved, liked or didnt like. Thats just a few of the things i started the year wanting to do but then i thought being the kind of person who gets hot and heavy to start an exciting new project then dropping it after a few weeks, I may flake and then waste this year too. Which made me want to be held accountable for doing these that set out to do, one problem is how do i go about it? So i check the podcast sites that i recently gathered and found one on Linda Galindo who does leadership consulting for businesses as well as she has a blog about accountability, with different stories and helpful columns on different aspects of it. Lets see what this podcast can help me and maybe some of you on being accountable.

Here is the podcast

Key Points Taken

What is Accountability – 6:02
“Ownership for Results, Good or Bad.”
“In order to have ownership for results you have to be clear about what results you want.”

Top 3 behaviors you have to look at when bringing accountability into an organization – 8:53 
1 – Talk to not about your peers. If you have any issues with someone do not talk to others about them, it just makes you look like you cannot be trusted, because if you are talking about one person you are probably doing it to many others. – 9:10
2 – No meetings after the meeting. This derails the purpose for the main meeting, wastage of time. If you disagree or dont understand raise you hand say something instead of blowing off what was said initially. – 10:20
3 – (Personal Accountability – I am accountable to be clear.) – 11:26

Do these principles work for you outside the office? – 12:25

Avoid joining conversations with people that are bad talking someone if you do not know them. It is toxic because it creates a view of someone that you have yet to experience, which in the event that you meet them your perception is misconstrued. – 14:01

Using personal accountability to live by your own experience and opinion of people will make you trustworthy and stand out – 14:47

“Not holding people accountable for what they need to be doing and professionally behaving in a workplace punishes the best performers” – 16:46

Accountability in couples – 22:55.
The stronger relationships tend to be the ones who have a mindset of “I have 100% personal accountability for this working and you have 100% personal accountability for this working.” Not 50/50, 50/50 relationships are gonna have a dependency and a neediness factor.

How to overcome complaining about things not working in your life – 26:29
“Have you ever noticed, you’re always there when those things dont work.”
You are the common denominator.
Stop blaming others for what is not working. Take an account of what you are doing that is making things not work.

Rethinking personal accountability when it comes to society which shows you that being unaccountable without penalty can still give you big rewards – 31:25.
Define success for yourself in life, despite the mindset of others around you.
Being an individual that does not need to worried about masses just maintain a select few of people who have your back.

Self empowering yourself and taking risks to attract people to create team of like minded individuals – 34:18
“We gain strength, courage and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face and we do the thing we cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Step to change your accountable – 36:24
Are getting the results that you want? if the answer is a no, then what clear agreement do i need to make with myself so that why i get up everyday i get to utilize 100 percent to get the changes i want.

Be Motivated, be committed and invest 100 percent of your energy into everything you do, so that you can be a person of integrity. – 39:08
Where is your 100%?
Dont use the excuse of “as long as”. for example i will only invest this amount of time to this person as long as they are giving me x amount of money for this job.
Ask your self: Do I think at 100% or do i rationalize based on the circumstance?

When you start seeing these excuses popping up here is what to do – 40:49
Find someone to pull you up when slack off – coaches, people who have no agenda, preferably to have someone that would not seem like a nag. Partners or family may not be a good fit since they are sometimes ones who you seek support from and they may turn on the accountable role when you really need them to console you.

Developing accountability behaviors at work – 46:54
Get someone to give you feedback on your interpersonal skills – For example tell you co worker “When you see me in a meeting, I’ll love feed back later to understand if i was effective.” Really improves your interpersonal skills.
When receiving feedback you now have to take the risks by applying the advice given, then apply the feedback and respond to see if it worked or not.

Accountability Cycle for a Highly accountable person.
1 Take ownership.
2 Take risks.
3 Answer for it.

Main thing is to take away your ego and have someone tell you not what you want to hear but someone who wants to see you improve yourself. – 49:58

What are your expectations of relationship – 51:30
Source of all conflicts in a relationship is a miss-expectation.
When you are not getting along with someone the reason is that what you expected in your head is not being met in reality.

What is absolutely necessary to have this relationship work? – 53:29
If your answer to this question is very long it means you will have a real hard time having a relationship with you.
This just means you are choosing your expectations over the person. Eventually you will run out relationships and the things you most hate about others is true about you.

“When stressed look for the expectation thats not being met and then express it” – 55:49
“The most profound thing is when you accept people for how they are, you’ve reached that place to accept your self how you are.”
“Real relationships happen when its unconditional between both parties.”

85% solution explained – 57:46

Final thoughts – 58:43
Beautiful quote “In a world that’s changing so much, it is the only constant, just find success for your self.

At first I didnt think I would get any information worth using for my everyday life since she started mainly emphasizing about Accountability in the workplace. As the interview went on she put accountability into more relatable terms for example personal Accountability, accountability between couples and maintaining accountability despite what is going on in society. One aspect I really liked is living life committing 100% accountability in every thing you do, because you would expect the same from others. Stop complaining about circumstances, when building relationships with people keep expectations out of the way. Other noted things are about controlling stress, improving interpersonal skills at work by having someone hold you accountable for things you do. In closing Linda’s talk has made me think about how i should carry about myself when engaging people and building relationships. Thanks for taking the time to read and listen and see you at the next installment.