Good Night readers, well yesterday I had already chose which podcast i was gonna do my analysis on. It was while reading up on Grant Baldwin’s website and perusing his list of interviews i was intrigued about Benny Hsu. The title was How To Make $100k+ Selling Tshirts Online with Benny Hsu, and no it was not because of the 100k thing. I had an idea for tshirts and still do, so i wanted to see if i could gather some tips from him. As was said before in my previous WoW by Grant “Look for people who doing something similar that you wanna do and see if it may be applicable to you”. So lets see if that theory works out for myself while listening to this podcast, strange enough Benny also has a podcast series. I keep finding more and more people who have podcast series that pique my interest, so most likely i will be doing one on his soon as well. Benny is the creator of the app photo365, a blogger and has an online custom tshirt business through using teespring.

Here’s the podcast
Key points taken

Synopsis of his t shirt business – 3:29.
His model is basically to target very specific demographics for eg. sports themes, job description themes (nurses, moms, engineers) etc.
Uses Facebook to advertise his tshirts.
He used to do very basic design himself at first now he has outsourced that job to a designer.

How teespring works – 6:19
“Crowdfunding with Tshirts.”

Backstory of Teespring – 9:54
Finding someone who does what you want to do concept comes into play here again, you need to see how one who has gotten success from what you want to do and try to mold your own way of doing it. Why recreate the wheel if one way has already been done and proven to be successful?

Note that perseverance also goes a long way towards being a success, people sometimes do not see the failures of a successful person and think it is an easy process. Failure is good, do not be discouraged when things dont go right, keep at it, once you have a strong vision and keep moving forward.

The ease of his business model – 12:19
His main focus is about how to market the tshirts that he gets the max amount of customers.

Benny trying to figure out what he wanted to do in life – 13:24

Finding what you are excited about instead of your passion – 16:08
Benny was excited about two things Blogging and making an app for iphones and just started on them.
Just choose something cause you never know what path it may lead you on, do not remain in a state of paralysis where you end up doing nothing.

His example of creating an iphone app and blogging which lead to greater things – 18:54

How he took his excitement for creating an app and then took action – 20:00
His concept seems to be act on things you are excited about, when the vibe isnt there anymore, move on to another project. Dont stay married to one passion and think its what you have to do for the rest of ya life.

Gather your ideas keep them dear, so that when you want to try to work on it you can invest in them seasonally. – 23:57.

His move from apps to teespring and tips for using – 24:36

Dont wait on the sidelines just start somewhere if you have some interest in it – 26:40

Stick-to-itiveness is key if you enjoy something and failures will arise but keeping at it because it gives you a thrill – 27:33

The success of using Teespring – 28:57
The podcast was mainly about the use of teespring and how it can a very easy way to have a business with no overhead, no machinery and no inventory. Everything is virtual which puts you in a position to just focus on getting your campaigns to customers through ads. As for the passion side, if you do have one, do not make it the be all and end all of your life. Keep active, switch it up by keeping your ideas that you are excited about in an incubator and try them out, dont have any second thoughts, it can carry you in path that you would never have been since you were afraid to try. Thanks for reading my post its greatly appreciated, will be back tomorrow with another one.