Today I was looking for creativity, something that I can bring out to the world that was unique. As for that idea it hasn’t struck me yet but i found an interesting podcast to do for my third installment which deals with following your passion. This is something that seems to elude me, because no matter what i think my passion is i see another
thing that i enjoy and think maybe this is what i should be doing with my life. The interview was done by the guys at the art of charm which at first when i first heard about them thought it was a podcast about picking up girls, but boy was i wrong. They delve into a variety of topics not only about getting chicks, their guest today is Grant Baldwin who has a podcast himself named “How Did You Get Into That?” which to me is something I like to know about people i interact with also. I’m the type of person who likes to listen than talk a lot, so hearing about someone’s past is very good way to understand who they are and where they have come from.

Well here is the podcast 

Key Points taken

“Who you are is more important than what you do.”

“We all know the people who say thank God its friday and oh God its monday.”

Analogy for being passionate about something – 6:41
Its like you are sick and you gotta get it all out.

“No matter how much you enjoy what you do, there will always come a time when it is work.” – 7:21

Despite living your passion there will still be days where you will wake up exhausted but because you have control as to when, what and why you are doing it, that makes it worth accomplishing. – 10:02

Money is definitely a factor, it shouldnt be the factor – 11:51
Dont pick something solely for the money.
“I’d would rather make less and love what i am doing than make alotta money and hate my life.”

Is this a busy season or is this the way it is? – 12:34
it will help you determine if quick money for short periods is worth it without passion? OR Does earning money for something you prefer to work on for a longer period with less return is better.

Finding work that you love despite your current circumstance – 15:13
“The best time start something was yesterday but the second best time to start something is today.”

Example of starting something when its time for change – From Criminal lawyer to chocolate factory owner.

“There’s alot things in life that bother us but they dont bother us enough to do anything about it.” – 17:53
Never be content with mediocrity.

Dont stay in a job that did not turn out how you thought it would be because you are in to deep – 19:01

When making drastic changes in life, never worry about what people are going to think – 22:02
“I dont want to make decisions based on what the rest of the world thinks.”
“When you do that you are basing decisions based on everyone’s else insecurities.”

What have the people done that he interviewed to help them break out and do what they really want with their lives – 25:00.

  • Take stock of what i am good at and passionate about.
  • Take small incremental steps towards it and see how it goes.
  • Just take action.

Following your passion is not always the best route – 27:53

Couple thoughts on figuring what you’re passionate about – 28:40

  • Something that you come across and you have a reaction to? Eg. environment, sports, kids, animals.
  • Always helpful to get an outside perspective from ones you trust.
  • Pay attention to that little voice when you receive positive recognition for things people think you are good at.
  • Look at these things as starting points to help you pinpoint your passion.

When you have some idea of things you like to do, one good way to confirm is to find someone who is doing the same and see if it looks like something you wanna do – 34:21

More about dabbling in something before diving fully in – 37:26.

The Analogy of the movie trailer, you see all the good parts and when you actually see it in its entirety not only the good but the bad you may want to reconsider.

Action steps
Writing stuff down, clearing up some of the clutter and getting thoughts out on paper helps – 38:50
Stop over analyzing stuff, just take action.
Incremental Bravery – Each time you take a step and it feels right take another.

Dont confine yourself to one particular path, there is no clear cut way –  42:24.

Qualities of people who have found their passion – 46:00
Having hustle.
Calculated Risk taker.
Being willing to try.

And finally he provided 5-questions-to-help-find-work-you-love check it out for yourself.

Well there we have it, a great detailed conversation about passion and some of the things one can do if you seek a new path in life. One of fulfillment but not without hard work, there will be days where you will not feel like working but knowing there is a goal you want to accomplish the feeling will dissipate easily. If you decide to make a
drastic change towards finding your passion dont worry what the world thinks, your life is not their problem and if it feels good do it. Thanks to all my readers and be sure to come back for another installment.