This Sunday morning I woke feeling energized after a great session last night of coding and as per usual i was in a quandary. What to do? Where to start? I was in a stymie, wasting time watching facebook, checking whatsapp, watching tv… I had options but my procrastinating tendencies always get the best of me, then i decided let me just choose at random a podcast from Entrepreneur on fire. Im glad i did cause as Jon Dumas asked if I was fired up, i just felt ready to go.
Well enough of this build up time to get into it, the interview i chose was with Aaron Walker who is a Entrepreneur Coach for Men.

Here is the podcast 

Key points taken
Ask yourself questions to uncover what you want out of life – discusses this at 10:30

Be intentional – What gives you energy? What empowers you? How can you best serve others.

If you have to force it, if you have to push it hard, its probably not your gift.

Have a value system for yourself, where tangible things are not important.

Mantra he lives by “I rather be afraid of missing an opportunity than I have a fear of failure”- 15:08
“Fear of missing an opportunity more than you fear failure.”

He maintains an accountability group for the past 20years to ensure that he doesn’t self sabotage himself. – 16:22

His Advise on Action steps people can take – 18:59 1)Answer 25 questions about what you want from your life?
2)Create an action plan and goals date it (its a dream if its not dated, its only a goal when you put a date to it.)
3)Get involved in a group, with like minded progression and to help you stay accountable.

Successful Formats for masterminds – 22:49

Where to find and creating masterminds – 28.21

Success to Significance – 31:55
Be more significant than successful
“It will leave a legacy that the dollars want.”
“Out serve everyone around you.”
“Serve the customers well and you will never be sorry.”

Final Words – 33:36
Best time to plant a tree is now!
Do I need to unpack my past? No we need to plan your future.

My first attempt at this type of post and i see i got a pretty good format so i will continue share and provide myself as well as whoever takes the time seek out these gems of wisdom from variety of sources. I hope you enjoyed the read and listen, also this post will be updated as soon as Mr. Walker sends me the 25 questions to help you decide what you want from your life…