Everyday i try to find new influential people to hear their thoughts and insights on various topics. I am always fascinated by people and how they became who they are in any role of life, it helps u appreciate them much more. They can teach you a lot about things or bring a new perspective that you may have never thought about on topics. I have always been the listener in conversations, yes i will give my opinion in matters but i prefer to hear what are their views.

The passion one has when speaking about something they are interested in, or even when they are giving u their history, puts me in whole other world like a kid listening to a bed time story or story time around a camp fire. I don’t know what it is but its an enthralling experience, that i cant exactly explain emotionally.

Maybe its why love listening to audio books about personal growth, entrepreneurship, inspirational talks etc. If anyone has any suggestions as to podcasts, youtube links or audiobooks i should check out feel free to leave a comment. Before i go i wanna share two interviews i listened to today, one is from Alexis Ohanian from reddit (where he talks about making something people love) and Daniel Ek the creator of spotify (where he talks about how came up with his ideas for music streaming).

Thanks again for reading.