Scrolling through my Facebook page, I was quickly drawn to a post from a friend on my list. It was about the physically disabled doing miraculous things such as weight lifting, pushups, tyre training etc.  The music used in the background was by an artist named K. Flay (real name Kristine Flaherty) accompanied by a Dustep beat which was done by Dj Vanic.
The lyrics immediately resonated with me and i had to find out more about her, since rap and hip hop are one of my first loves. So her album will be reviewed soon too, but for now i wanna say the first two songs that i found from her are really good so i cant wait to hear what she does on her debut album life as a dog.

She has done alot of eps and mixtapes as well which i will also check out after depending on how the album sways me. Im glad i found another female rapper, they are few and far between content wise. Her mixture of singing and rapping does make for an acquired taste but i will like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Here’s the track that brought us together hope u enjoy it as well.