I completed my second review today, I didnt like how it was presented, but my main goal was to finish despite the poor quality. The process needs to be fine tuned, but i hope with consistency and working towards doing as many as i could do i will have product to be proud of soon. Im not a reviewer of any sort, im not a writer either. I just want to be a contributor to the world in some way. I want that when i leave this earth, the world or will hear of my name and it will have some sort of significant meaning behind some legacy.
After uploading the post i felt a bit disappointed in what i have done so far for this blog in my reboot for 2015. I was sad confused and wanted to know if what i decided to do for my contributions made any sense. My giving up mode was kicking in and then i saw a message on my phone, it was an email saying i got my first follower. I immediately went to his blog http://cristianmihai.net/, saw this post http://cristianmihai.net/2015/01/03/basics/ with this small video attached about being creative. It had to be some of coincidence or my subconscious pulling what i needed to see, the video just put my mind back into a mode of confidence and determination.

My craft is not yet solidified but i will continue putting things out onto this page until i find my niche…