Run the Jewels 2

1 – Jeopardy -> Raunchy beginning, nice flow throughout. Great bars from both artist. Instrumentals gave a kind of

dark theme to accompany the lyrics.
8 – Early Feat. Boots -> Trancy music on a solid hook, love the story telling perspective given Mike about being

disrespected by the law america…
11 – Crown -> Mike asking God to give him success and change from selling cocaine to get money, where as El P is

talking about how the government makes soldiers believe what they are doing is for the good of the country…
4 – Close Your Eyes -> The start of this song just gets u into it instantly, and it keeps u hype because it

continues to be background music and Mike and El P raps with that same pace.
6 – Lie Cheat Steal -> The hook of this song explains what the verses are about, Lie cheat steal, cause everybody’s

doing it… Its the way of the world and how some people get ahead.
11 – Angel Duster -> Synthesized production, with a remixed in Mike repeat RTJ, The ending song with the duo spitting on different topics…

2 – Oh My Darling Dont Cry -> Electronic music production with a kinda annoying hook, nice lyrics with a fast flow

at times.
5 – All my life -> Flow and production value is great. And all through the album the back and forth transition works

well again on this track…
3 – Blockbuster night part 1 -> The rhymes in the song are tongue twisting as well as funny…
9 – All Due Respect -> You You Get Get No Respect, travis barker does a good drum contribution throughout, It looks like provides the punch lines that Mike and El P provide hit even harder…

So So
10 – Love Again -> I wanted to like this song, but the hook boy… dick in her mouth all day…

Dont like

Lyrics that stood out

Jeopardy – Killer Mike -> The passion of Pac, the depth of Nas, circa nine three
Mix the mind of Brad Jordan and Chuck D and find me
I spit with the diction of Malcolm or say a Bun B
Prevail through Hell, so Satan get ye behind me

El P -> Run the Jewels is the answer, your question is “what’s poppin’?”

Early – Get out, get out, get out, get out
Feeling this, feeling this too early
Get out, get out, get out, get out
Feeling this way, feeling this way
Feeling this, feeling this too early
Feeling this, feeling this early

Crown – Can’t pick up no crown, holding
What’s holding you down
Can’t pick up no crown, holding
What’s holding you down
Can’t pick up no crown, can’t pick up no crown

Angel Duster – El P -> You want a whore with a white dress
I want a wife in a thong

Blockbuster night part 1 – EL P -> I deal in dirty work
Do the deed and then dash
Ditch ’em

Overall I listened to the album for like two days and I kept changing up this order of what i loved, liked etc. I must say songs grow on u once u listen to them long enough, Punch lines jump out more, the meanings to certain verses make you take a new perspective on a song. I must say i didnt know much about El P before this, i knew about killer mike mainly due to his episode of made where he wanted to make a kid into a rap star. Also i knew about some of his previous songs and features with outkast. As i continue to hone this craft of my style of reviewing im glad this album was apart of this process i really missed out on a great album.