I already started this year late, this post was supposed to be done last night, I am trying to keep consistent with my attempt of doing this blog for 2015. Missed a day already though but Im still alive so better late than never… My plans for this year’s blog is to add different sections of things i appreciate… For now these are Music album section, a new artist which is still my H.W.F.M, my calligraphy section and quotes section.

My album section
This section will revolve around me every week choosing a group of artist album releases, I will listen to them in its entirety and then categorize the songs i loved, liked or didnt and then post my results in a post… This will then lead to me making a custom playlist of the songs i appreciated from each album. I want to do the posts of each album daily and then at the end of the week share the playlist for download.

This section would be the same as before where I will share with my readers how I was first introduced to an artist that i continue to follow. I will give insight into what song i first heard and maybe if I remember where in my life I first heard them.

Calligraphy Section
In the later half of last year I bought some supplies on Amazon and began calligraphy, being my usual self I was hot and heavy with it and it slowly fizzled down. I want to start back this year but one thing i need to get is better brushes, because apparently the set i bought were not as good as the ones that are used by the pros… So i will do with what i have but i need to get the right brushes and bring them in and really get into it. I want to do something creative with it not just same mundane art that you see posted everywhere.

Quotes Section
The Quotes can come from anywhere, a song, an audiobook, a youtube vid, a friend, facebook, a tv show, anime… I just want to share the ones that i really thought had some good meaning to them. I want to post them as well as say where i got it from and hopefully it will mean something to you and can have connection to your life in someway. I have further hopes for this section not just to have them on my blog but have it “materialize print wise”. I heard somewhere not to speak of your ideas not only because people may take them but it loses it value, so ironic that i cant remember the quote in this quote section >_< but i found this for your listening pleasure.

Oh I forgot I will have a normal post section just random things that were post worthy. I want to improve my writing skill as well so this may just be right place to get it from. I am hoping that i keep it up and keeping optimistic this can be the start of something great. Note as well these are just some things that will be on here, as it progresses I may add alot more.
Thank you for the read and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!