I was going through some metacritc reviews on albums of the year and saw D’Angelo’s Black Messiah as one of the best reviewed albums of the year… Although he just released it Dec 16th, he has a 95 rating, so I then checked out the internet’s busiest music nerd review and he as well was pleased with it… So i decided to check it for myself, Im not a big fan but we all know about the infamous song that made the women wet back in the day… So here are my thoughts on this new album after 14 years…

Songs i loved

Songs i liked
1 – Aint That Easy -> Hook got me
2 – 1000 Deaths -> Lyrics are a bit hard to understand because of the instrumental overshadow but that is a good thing.
3 – The Charade -> the psychedelic vibe is awesome, instrumental shines and what u can understand sounds good… Lyrics that stood out “Even at the end of the day, the charade”.
5 – Really love -> Spanish instrumental beginning and chill jazz vibe with that bass strum, lyrics are nice although i can only pick out a few words…
6 – Back to the future (Part I) -> With the background talking, feels like he is singing it live at a party. The instrumental wins again, makes u bop ya head as well as the lyrics “back to the way it was”.
7 – Till It’s Done (TuTu) -> Lyrics seem to talk about searching for answers on life… The opening singer sounds like Erykah Badu.
9 – Betray my heart -> Start stop guitar rift right through the song keeps u enthralled despite only knowing “i will never betray my heart” lyrics… close to the end he scats and has the trumpet and guitar rift playing with a slight symbol chiming in…
10 – The Door -> Mellow vibe, whistle intro and guitar background, with a straight forward flow… something about a Door, the whistling reminds me of Bridge on the River Kwai Theme…

Songs that are so so
4 – Sugah Daddy -> have a mix of bill cosby zibbity dobity singing and Andrews sisters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qafnJ6mRbgk vibe…
8 – I like the bell gong sound and that guitar solo at the end, lyrics didnt really touch me.
11 – Back to the Future (Part II) -> Quick jam session no singing really, didnt hold my attention that much.

Songs i dont like
12 – Another -> Singing and Instrumental was not my kind of thing.

Overall i never had a connection to D’Angelo’s type of singing, since back in the day. Although his body of work on this album was good to a point i mainly liked the hooks and the production was great…