Ok Sir you will need two forms of ID, a utility bill, a recommendation from a someone of high stature in society, a pay slip, a pension slip, an acceptance letter, a passport ID, a picture with the pope, prime minister and the president, then and only then you can make an account in our bank! Well i may have been exaggerating a wee bit with the above requirements but that are some of the things we trini’s have to deal with now when you want to make an account in some banks *coughnamewithheldcough* but we’re the one for you ;).

Today my family and I went to open a new account and was met with the above at the information desk, my mother didn’t have two forms of ID as she no longer drives and has no reason at this time to get a visa to fly and go no way. So she was the odd woman out and we really needed all of our names to be instated on it. The teller who was very polite explained that recently the Central Bank had made changes to the rules for creating a savings account or so it seems.

Let me break down the joint account stipulations for you:
The requirements for each of us were
Myself – Two forms of ID an acceptance letter from my school and utility bill.
Mom – Two forms of ID and pension slip because they have to show proof that u collecting and yuh alive to collect it and utility bill.
Dad – Two forms of ID and pension slip and utility bill.

U see madness, so when hearing that mom even pleaded that she has her birth certificate and asked if she can use that and the teller kept using the line Central Bank new rules say no. Well we didn’t have the utility bill and i decided to drop mommy home and come back with the bill and let dad set up the account on his own. When I arrived back at the bank to get things finally rolling, I ask her so if at any time we want to add our names can we, she said yes but we would have to bring back all the paper work done today as well as all that crap that Central Bank new rules want from we.

My main qualm with these new “rules” is what about the senior citizen who has a little money that he/she doesn’t want to stash under the mattress anymore. Not all of them have two forms of ID and can go out of their way to get visa just to create a savings account, c’mon be a little considerate. Then it will have those wicked relatives who hear granny have a lil change stash away since i have two ID i could “help” you put it away safe, unbeknownst of this scheme she agrees and cant access the money.

Well my fellow readers we didn’t create the account, check still home here to cash out and well momsy did some calling around and heard that these “rules” dont apply to some banks. Tomorrow we are heading to another establishment and hopefully i wouldn’t be here same time tomorrow typing about that one.