You hear how much money we depositing and the tune change, ahhhh ok so you not any different than all the other banks…

Hey friends this is part two to the Bank Account Blues saga where we return to our favorite family in their quest to create a new bank account. Today our trio try bank number two and are met with almost the same set of drama, thank God i had some sort of entertainment (cricket) to keep the BS from frustrating me (ps congrats to England in a game that was oh so thrown away by Sri Lanka). The new polite teller first began by wanting two forms of ID, BOOM no problem, then utility bill, BAM we brought two for good measure, proof of pension? Well mom pulled out the statements showing monthly deposits of the pension being deposited, but no that wasn’t enough for them, but my question is why do they need to know how the pension is being received. Are you so suspicious as to know what money may be passing through the account, do you think we are criminals. But then again i will have to abide by “Central Bank” rules if i have to get anywhere with y’all.

So we were denied another by another bank until my mom said “all these requirements just to create a joint account i guess nobody want our money.” The teller said “oh u have the check here, let me see it.” When she saw the amount she immediately picked up the phone and called her supervisor. The supervisor kept asking the teller over and over if she sure is X amount and the teller said yes its X amount i have it right in front of me. She hang up in about 2 2’s there was a call back and as if it were magic things made sudden 180. The paper work take a bit of time but damn the change in attitude and efficiency was amazing to see. We went in at 9am left at 10:30am while i was there though i could see from this experience that money really determines the treatment you will receive. The ones who looked like the bank could benefit little from were left to stay seated or in lines while the suits were whisked away behind closed doors and quickly dealt with. I am not saying that it happens only in this bank it happens everywhere we all know this but it saddens me. The restrictions that have now been implemented make it very hard for a person who has no job to start saving, long ago my mom said when she was working in the bank they would be glad for someone to create a bank account and all u needed was to tell the teller your name, if you working or not your address and you could have open the account with as little as a dollar, that’s it. I kno, i kno times have changed so security measures will be needed but why be so harsh to the poor and even middle class.

Well we succeeded in what we wanted to accomplish but having to go through all these firey hoops was it really worth it in the first place, crossing my fingers i hope so… Cash rules everything around me