The parking spot of death

The parking spot of death well to some

I went to the bank (gulf city branch) this morning and it had a dread corner park which was up against the railing. A poor soul and his son hit the jackpot. Being a generous bystander I assisted him in parking in the spot, despite heeding my hand signals of locking left, locking right, come forward, go back and STOP! After the tiring ordeal his injuries were just a front bumper scrape nothing serious, he jumped out the car, I assure you pretty embarrassed (with his son in the car and all) and yet he didn’t acknowledge the help.

He came back out about 20mins later, oh I couldn’t wait to see how he was gonna get out, the suspense was killing me. Got inside his car he took out his compass and protractor and prayed his angles were correct. Well I guess they weren’t cause he took about 5 mins before he could even move an inch. He moved back and forward locking at all angles until he gave up and stood at a stand still. While pretending to be on the phone for a minute a good Samaritan no wait im mistaken 3 good Samaritans helped him stick and move in the car park. Each attempted to help and when they thought he was good enough to do the rest they left not knowing he was clueless as to what to do next. As I looked from a slight distance through the tinted windscreen the son and the poor soul were arguing or so it seemed with hand gestures looking like swimming fishes. When I finally gave up on them as well about to go inside, it happened the poor soul who makes me strongly believe he bought his licensed achieved the impossible the very intimidating 3 point turn.