Daily post goals need to be achieved… So as we proceed to give you what ya need, i got a spark of genius or maybe its my sinus *snort*… Ive been told not to give out your ideas because u tend to weaken them and they never become into reality. But que sera sera if i keep at it soon you yes you the reader of this post when im famous lol will be the first to know :).

Today my amazon purchases didnt go through, was a bit panicked at first but i realized that my debit card was not topped up to account for the items being shipped. Have yet to hear from them through email to say if its another issue so fingers crossed it will work out.
So far i havent posted anything of substance but im just doing this to stay consistent bare with me when i get my bearings things will better, i promise. And with that i leave with my quote… A promise is a comfort for a fool. ~just simply bs~