Where is your faith?

Here i go with my first blog post, so indecisive that it took me almost two days to first get a name for this blog and secondly pick an opening post. Well i fell back on what i love the most music and one of my fav. artist K.Dot with his track from his EP wayyy back in 2009 named none other than the Kendrick Lamar Ep. As for the choice it made me think about having faith in seeing this insignificant blog grow into something big, i just gotta push forward seeing only the end result. I love reading the lyrics to song to get an extra meaning to what the artist are saying and one line that stood out to me in it is “I found myself losing focus at a Sunday service…Embarrassed so I start questioning God, “What is my purpose?”. <—- (woah as i write this i dont know why the text is currently blue, it was copied from Rapgenius so i guess it will link you to the webpage). Anyway at this time in my life Im still looking for my purpose hope to find my passion soon and be able to focus and craft it into something special. 
So where is my faith? Well it waivers everyday but i give thanks for being alive to still be here to figure it out…