Im going to write whatever comes to my mind no editing at all well except for the typo’s. This is going to be a daily thing, its just me getting everything out of my head. As Arnold says GET OWT, get to the chapper, yeah its the thoughts that im thinking in real time that are being typed to you. So read to your hearts content or your brain’s disdain, i hear a chopper outside it might be madam prime minister going home. ETA 2 mins yeah she livin right there, i should really get a word count so i can know when to stop. Hell i will stop when i feel like it, there somethings about mary. I wasnt really tryin to say that but my brain just farted so i cant comprehend what was to be said. Cricket was nice today ireland won which was expected, cant wait to see the Windies play although as usual as a fan u are always weary of how they play, but hey they are the champs something gotta give. Oh yes we have to live something something something but the fact of the matter is somethings gotta give…cant remember the riddim that song on but that assassin bad.
Just looked at the tv, the masters is coming up yes golf i mean im watching espn (no im not psychic).
Crazy words are being said which makes even worse sentences i apologize for the nonsense but they say this is a great way to clear the mind of all the confusion your brain has to deal with. Soon i will make sense outta this, i wanna start doing calligraphy already bought supplies and books on it cant wait to get my painting on and share it on here. Oh spoiler alert kenpachi is gonna fight the guy who makes imaginaaation (spongebob voice) reality. That should be a epic fight, ok my hands are tired and i think i got alot out on the page. Second post done with enjoy the read…